Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BABYink NZ ~ Product Review

BABYink is a brand new product to NZ. It is an inkless printing kit enabling buyers to take their children's footprints or handprints in a non toxic, baby safe and mess free way!
BABYink comes in a cello sealed package and is an A5 size.
Included in the kit is the following:
Clear instruction sheet
1x non-toxic towelette
4x A5 sized double treated paper
Keepsakes ideas card
You have the choice of black, pink or blue ink and the kits are priced at $29.99 NZD.


So I have kindly been given one to try out! Let's see if it is as easy as 1,2,3! bearing in mind I have taken loads of footprints of babies using the traditional way of using messy paint (previously working in a preschool).

BABYink kit laid out

Step 1 ~ My wee man having his toes tickled

Step 2 ~ Pressing his foot onto the treated paper provided in the kit

Step 3 ~ Wait 5-8 mins for full colour to develop

The towelette can be used for up to around 30 mins afer opening(best results are by using it straight away). You can see here that I have been able to get handprints of my older boys aged 4 and 5.
In my opinion it was actually as easy and mess free as it says, all completed 1,2,3!
The footprints are clearest as they were done first, so I recommend to (as the kit says) use the towelette immediately upon opening. So have everything set up first and ready to go. One thing to be clear about before purchasing is that the kit labelled 'black' actually comes out as silver (as pictures above).

BABYink kits are now also available with a double frame and are priced at $59.99 NZD.

This product is suitable for parents/carers who would like to capture a moment in their childs development by taking their footprints or handprints.
A great idea for grandparents to give as a gift or to give at a baby shower or for a gift for a new mum when her baby is born. Something new and original!

I am very impressed with the product and can highly recommend it, a lovely way to capture precious moments at home in a mess free way!


You can purchase a BABYink printing kit from BABYink NZ's brand new website.

Keep up to date with new products including PETink by following their Facebook page.

Love to hear from any of you who go ahead and purchase,

Becky x

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