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FinndieLoo is full of the most beautiful handmade items ~ owls, cushions, book covers, crayon rolls & much more!
I would love to introduce you to Claire

I am South African born, but have been calling NZ my home for the past 10 years. After school I left SA at 18 and headed for London. My feet took me to all sorts of beautiful parts of the world! I lived in Edinburgh for 3.5 years where I met my Kiwi Fiance and used this as a base from which to travel from. I would have to say Thailand was my most favourite country. I have been there twice and would now like to go back to show my children it’s beauty and fun!

Owl Softies

I had an old Singer sewing machine sitting in the garage gathering cobwebs, when one day I thought ‘hay I could make a taggy square’ I had no idea how to even thread the darn machine let alone know where the bobbin goes! Thanks to Google and a lot of YouTube I taught myself how to sew! That was almost 2 years ago now! When I want to learn how to do something I just must do it right away.

Burp Clothes

FinndieLoo (the name) is a combination of my childrens’ names. Finn, Indiana (Indie) and Luka. I wanted a name that would be catchy and original. A name that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me! I absolutely love the name and wouldn’t ever change it.

Chalkcloth Cushion Covers


My days have become very busy and the weeks roll by faster than they ever have. Wake up – check Facebook – make lunches – take the kids to Kindy and school – home – try and do some housework – put Indie to sleep (if she will have it)!! – sew as much as I can and till Indie wakes up – before I know it its time to collect my boys and at that time of the day its all on like donky kong! Some evenings after the kids are in bed I take myself to my sewing room and get my sew on!

School Reading Bag

Owning a business...
Well that’s easy…I love being in charge of EVERYTHING! No one to answer to but myself and my lovey customers. It’s much more hard work than what I had thought it would be. The invoicing and admin side of things is enjoyable, but very time consuming but yet a crucial part of FinndieLoo. Being active on my Facebook page is vital for my business.

Plunket Book Covers

It’s a tough one but its seems to change throughout the year. There was a stage where a week wouldn’t go by where I didn’t get Plunket Book cover orders, and some days where I would have one come in each day! Since FinndieLoo has grown so big, at present my biggest seller are the Giant Chalk Cloth Owls. I have now focused on making all sorts of custom made soft toys.

Chalk Cloth Owls

Yes I have a design assistant, my son Luka (6)! He is a whizz on the sketch pad and draws so many of the cool toys I have made. I draw them out to scale, cut the templates out and then use them to cut the fabric etc. I havn’t ever purchased a pattern to make a toy and everything is made from scratch right here in my home.

Crayon Roll


My customers keep me motivated! Each time a new order comes in I get a wee high! Its so lovely also reading the feedback that people share with me. Even more lovely to see photo’s of the kids cuddling their new toy!

Be prepared to spend A LOT of time on the internet!! Plan well. Keep records and spreadsheets. Never post anything negitive on your FB page. Don’t be scared and overwhelmed – if you want it, do it!

From here...

I have many plans for FinndieLoo, but a lot of them will only take shape when my youngest is at Kindy, and I have more time to focus for longer periods of time.

Connecting & buying...
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The thought & time put into each item by Claire is so evident by her gorgeous products and happy customers. I adore Claire's style and I am so excited to watch her business keep growing. It would be lovely if you would leave Claire a message here or pop over to her FinndieLoo Facebook Page and say hi!


Claire has so kindly given me one of her gorgeous Plunket Book Covers to giveaway to a lucky winner (you choice of girls or boys). To enter the giveaway please pop over to Liked. by Becky's facebook page. The post is pinned to the top of my page.
The giveaway closes on Monday 14 October and the winner will be drawn by random and announced here on my blog on Tuesday 15 October.
Thank you so much Claire!

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