Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lulu's Closet

Retro tablecloths, souvenir tea towels, vintage linens...the old mixed with new, Deb creates the most wonderfully unique children's wear!

Let's chat with Deb as she shares some more


Firstly, I'm a Mum. I have three gorgeous children. They keep me busy, keep me sane, and drive me nuts all at the same time!
After being a high school science teacher for 13 years, I have always wished I had more time to be creative and carry out all the ideas that run through my head! Now, I'm finally doing it. Spending my days dreaming up and creating some unique little creations from fabulous vintage and kiwiana fabrics.
Growing up, I learnt to sew by watching my Mum. Her sewing machine whirring, she would churn out the most amazing things from very little. I still remember the excitement bubbling up in my chest when I got to sew my own pair of pants alongside her. I still get this feeling sometimes. I just love it!


Lulu's Closet began with a single tea towel, and the birth of the most beautiful baby girl in the world. My daughter was born in 2009. We called her Lucy.
Sometime during the sleepless milky haze of caring for a newborn, my Mother gifted me a kiwiana tea towel. The graphics on that tea towel fascinated me. The print was impressive, the weave of the textile far too amazing to dry dishes with, and so the first of my signature tea towel pinafores came about... for my wee ' Lulu'.


Vintage fabrics are my passion. I spend a lot of time sourcing amazing fabrics, the quality of which cannot be matched today. I especially adore vintage linen tea towels and consider many of them works of art. My designs are developed in a way that shows off the fabrics. The textiles are the star here. You won't find frills and fancy bits on my garments. Instead the concept is one of a walking canvas, simple garments taking this amazing imagery out of the linen cupboard and into the limelight!
The intention is to create beautiful garments that adults love and children adore wearing, out of overlooked and unconventional materials. I just love it when people comment about the childhood memories that my garments stir.
Many of my garments are one-offs or limited edition due to the rarity of the fabrics. This suits me as it's more about creating and discovering than churning out garments. Making more than a couple of the same thing bores me terribly!


My days begin with the household routines of school drop off for my two boys and the clean up afterwards like every mum. Then on the days my Lulu goes to preschool, I spend as much time as I can madly cutting and sewing! All designs are cut and sewn here at home by me.
A fair bit of op shop trawling goes on too, as well as the much less enjoyable computer work, emailing etc.
When my wee " helper" is at home, things are not so productive on the creative front. But certainly fun! We have recently moved to Tauranga and her and I are exploring it together and discovering all sorts of interesting places.


I really enjoy doing crafty things and relax by making things .Mosaics is one of my favs and the next on the list here is my garden steps. I love gardening and we are slowly getting our new garden producing lots of lovely fresh food for our family. Nothing better than getting outside in the sun, watering the new fruit trees and dreaming up new projects!

Connecting & Buying... 

Most of my goodies are sold directly through Facebook Market Nights. I try to have one of these each month and they are fairly user friendly. In order to make sure you don't miss them, just make sure you are getting notifications from Lulu's Closet! Do drop in and say hi!
I do take a limited number of custom orders on. Enquiries are welcome via email


Deb has so very kindly given me a $30 voucher to be used in one of the upcoming Lulu Closet market nights! Wow what a very lucky winner. Thank you Deb!!! 
Please enter via the giveaway tab on Liked. by Becky's Facebook page The giveaway will close on 4 November at midnight and the winner will be announced here on my blog on 5 November.


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