Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Needle&I has such beautiful designs and 
hand crafts for children's bedrooms using 100% natural wool and cotton fabrics!

I am so happy to introduce you to Lauren 

It had been a long time coming I think. I've always made things for myself, both practically and creatively motivated. I love the creative process...coming up with an idea, finding the perfect materials, working out the best means of construction. It was a natural progression that when I had Thea I began making things to brighten up her world. I started making little creatures to hang from a very makeshift play-gym (the dining table) to keep her entertained. The garlands and mobiles developed from there and then the ideas just kept coming.

Peach Polka Dot Cloud Cushion


That's a very good question. I'm not sure I can remember where that stream of consciousness came from! I wanted a company name which had meaning with regards to what I actually produced. It was a case of writing innumerable lists of mostly bad ideas and pondering on the good ones for long enough until something seemed to fit. 

Cloud Mobile


My daily routine starts way too early for my liking so coffee is top of my list as soon as Thea drags me out of bed. First coffee down and the next one is set to brew. Only then can I deal with the day ahead! I have two types of days. The ones with Thea and the ones without. With the former I try to fit outings in as much as the weather permits. We live in Milford which has a very beautiful beach which I would be lost without! The other days are pretty much a mad flurry of emails, sample-making, order-filling, facebooking, photographing, ad infinitum, until I have to collect Thea again. Tiring, but great.

Block Cushion Covers


That you are working for your interests and yours alone. I love that I can explore ideas freely without being bound to someone else's vision. It's very exciting to create your own space and voice.

Raindrops Cushion


The garlands are probably the most popular product from the Needle&I range. Children seem to really love their little smiling faces and the way they dangle when batted about. Personally I feel quite attached to the growth chart, anything that involves that much work is going to be special and it's something that parent and child can interact with together over the years. 

Growth Chart


I find it easy to stay motivated when I have a lot on the go. If I'm busy, I'm motivated. I think the energy of the creative process gives me the drive to move forward. When you have your own business you really need to keep the momentum going. I'm quite conscious of the need to keep trying out new ideas, good or bad, because something inevitably comes from that which keeps you progressing and interested.

'Whatever the Weather' Wall Hanging


Some of my advice comes from the benefit of hindsight and learning the hard way. One of the biggest learnings for me is that it's really important to be disciplined about work vs play. I wasn't very good at this at the beginning and it can lead to lots of late nights and weekend work if you don't establish good habits from day one. This is especially true if you have a careful not to let work take over your time with them. The other thing is that you do need to be prepared to take some risk and invest in what you are developing. It's scary, no two ways about it, but you have to stand behind your work and trust that what you put in will be worth it in the end.


Hmmm. This one is a bit of a bone of contention! I'm really not very good at relaxing. I was better at it before I had a child! The best way for me to relax is to turn off my phone and step away from the computer, which I'm trying very hard to be disciplined about. It's very easy for technology to engulf your spare time. Gardening has become my new form of relaxation. It's hard to find time to be still when you have a child so getting my hands in the dirt is a good way of combining her energy with my need to slow down.

Teal Cloud Cushion

Connecting & Buying...
I sell directly to the public via Etsy and Felt as well as through my lovely retailers. If I'm not tied up with work I'll be trying to find time to cook for pleasure's sake and I like to keep in touch with this interest on my blog. I'm also semi-active on Facebook (a job in and of itself) so you can always find me there if you want to say hi!

Thank you Lauren! 
I have loved finding your beautiful business and your designs are so gorgeous. 
They certainly reflect a certain peace and calmness making them perfect for children's bedrooms!


Lauren has ever so kindly given me one of her beautiful Garlands worth $55 to give to a very lucky winner! The winner will get to choose which one they would like and they can be viewed here.
Please enter the giveaway on Liked. by Becky's Facebook page. The winner will be announced here on my blog on Tuesday 29 October.



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