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Perch Home

Perch Home is an online store full to the brim with the most beautiful European products. Think funky, vintage and retro combined with polkadots, flowers and loads of colour!

I am so happy to introduce you to Helle

Born and raised in Denmark I came to NZ in 1993 (after 5 wonderful years in London).  I have a partner and teenage daughter - we all love to travel and cooking is another big passion of mine.  Big thanks to my partner for giving up his man-shed for all my stock and to my daughter for helping out whenever we get crazy busy. 

Perch Kitchen Utensils

I started in 2012 – after resigning my full time job.  I felt that with all the experience and time in the industry I could do this all for myself, instead of being paid to do it for someone else.  I also loved all these European brands that just weren’t available here so thought I could and should do something about that !

Perch Plates & Bowls


Funny that was the one part that I agonised over for months. I loved the little bird, and the retro colours in my logo – which I had started to play with before I even had the name.  From there I googled “other words for home” and perch was one of them !!  Seemed perfect, and yes I know it also means a fish, try googling perch and you will see J

Perch Wall Art

Sourcing Products...

I source from distributors within NZ but what really sets Perch Home apart from other online stores is that we also bring in brands from overseas that no-one else stocks here in NZ.  We love discovering new European brands – our biggest success with that is probably Bloomingville from Denmark.  So UK, Holland and Denmark is where most our stock comes from.

Perch Kitchen Melamine


I work from home, our stockroom and office/showroom is here but I love an early start – and since I don’t have to sit in traffic I can start working at 7am most mornings.  I admit to browsing Facebook & Pinterest before anything else – its so addictive !  Then its checking emails, packing orders, updating website, Facebook etc.  I am also always on the lookout for new products and brands so spend heaps of time doing that.  The rest of the day is filled with a lot of admin – running your own business I try to be involved in every aspect from the boring GST return to visiting trade fairs and supplier showrooms.  Also try to connect with other businesses and blogs – it can sometimes be a very virtual world so any “real person” contact is really important to me.

Perch Travel


I love EVERYTHING about owning my own business!  Its probably the best decision I have ever made, I can honestly say I love every part of my job now. Work is no longer a strict 9-5 thing.  I may take a morning off to spend with my partner or daughter or meet a friend for coffee - but then I can work till 9pm that day if needed.  I love that I am in charge of my own life in a way I never have been before and that work and family life works side by side and one never takes over from the other – the way it should be ! 

Perch Stationery

Orla Kiely has been huge for us.  We love her classic retro patterns and colours and the quality of her designs and materials are just superb.

Second to that Pip Studio is also a personal favourite (did I mention I love birds) and the amazing Lotus bowls from Denmark.  Bloomingville has been a real hit here in New Zealand, I love that Kiwi’s have taken to the fantastic Scandinavian style they represent.

It can be hard as I work by myself most of the time and don’t have another person to push me when I need it ! But a quick walk with the dog, coffee with a friend or just remind myself that I am super lucky to be able to do something I love so much !  I also have some great customers and love getting emails and occasional photos of the products they have purchased displayed in their home, or just an email where they let me know they love their purchase.


Don’t worry too much about what other people in your industry are doing, don’t compare yourself with someone very successful and start doubting yourself.  Take inspiration from them instead, do your homework and find out what makes YOU different and then focus on that - find your niche and do what you do best.

Perch Gifts


I love to travel !  Whether it’s a weekend at the family bach in Whangamata, a trip to Europe to visit family or just a day trip somewhere fun.  I love exploring new places, soak up the different culture and just get away from everyday life.
When travelling isn't possible I also love just hanging out with family and friends – enjoying good food and wine seems to follow !
I love to walk  - we have a dog which just makes it so much easier to get out and explore.  Love eating out too, Auckland has some amazing eateries!

From here...

I cant believe how much Perch Home has grown and how well received our products have been – the magazines, blogs and other businesses have been a great help and inspiration so I think we will just keep doing what we do, growing our product range and finding “hard to find” products for the NZ market.

Perch Bathroom Storage

Connecting/buying from Perch...
Browse & buy from Helle's gorgeous website www.perchhomewares.co.nz

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There are so many gorgeous products at Perch and I completely love this business!


Helle has so kindly given me a set of three Bloomingville Glass Bottles with cork lids valued at $128 to giveaway to a very lucky person. Please enter here to be into win!

Thank you so much Helle!

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