Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Liked. Christmas Showcase

So very excited about this amazing Showcase starting tonight at 7.30pm! Don't miss out on over 25 NZ businesses bringing you their best in new releases, limited editions, great prices and free shipping! I would LOVE for you to get behind these businesses and shop till your hearts content and support support support!

In the few months of connecting and sharing with you some of NZ's small businesses I can honestly say how blown away I am by the gorgeous quality and range of products and services on offer. I love seeing how these small business owners fit into their own found niches and go about bringing you the best they can offer. Many of them are Mum's working super hard at home while juggling a family. Each with a dream they are working on making a reality.

It is my absolute honor and privilege to feature as many of these businesses as possible and keep you up to date on what is trending in NZ! Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Pinterest too to stay informed.

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