Friday, 15 November 2013

Liked. Friday's With Janice

I am so very excited to introduce you to Janice! After a friend of her's (thanks Stacey from Art Out Loud NZ ) pointed me in her direction, I got lost reading her blog and soaking in all her business knowledge. We chatted online and she has so kindly partnered with me and is allowing me to share her posts for you to read right here on Liked. by Becky!

LOVE to introduce you to Janice

'Hi I'm Janice, and welcome to my retail blog. My husband and I, along with my father-in-law and family friends, manage and co-own two motorcycle stores: Spring Lynne Motorcycles (Ashburton) and Timaru Yamaha in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Before selling in motorcycle shops, I sold shoes and make-up. As a 22-year-old, enthusiastic public relations graduate, I founded my own make-up brand called Starla Cosmetics. I sold this to Farmers stores nationwide for 2 years. I threw myself in the deep end here!
I'm more of a high-heel shoe girl, than a motorcycle person. But I've learnt that the same principles apply in business no matter what the industry. I want to offer something different to all the online-directed business advice out there and something less overwhelming. Here you'll find some tried and true, practical shop keepers notes.'

Yay, excited!! So every second Friday, there will be a post from Janice sharing her experience and knowledge with YOU!!! Thanks so much Janice and I am so very excited to have you on board. Please do check out and like her facebook page A Retail Blog and also follow her blog here.

Good Vibrations - Intangible Marketing

I'm not a surfer (or anything close) but I know for sure that 'good vibes' go a long way in retail and business.

Who doesn't like to be, or shop, in a place that has a good feeling?

I worked for a company that had such a wonderful atmosphere that it has made a lasting impression on me, for life. And now every organisation is measured up against this one. I like to deal with companies that offer a positive vibe, and when I find them - I'm hooked. A loyal customer forever.

So how do you get your customers addicted, using such an immeasurable, seemingly intangible approach? That's right, I'm not talking about price wars, discount sales, shopping reward points or policies and procedures. I'm talking about mushy old feelings. And yes, they do have a place in business.

Because you can tell when a business has a good, and well thought out flow and the people all have the right attitude. Watching staff seamlessly sort through stressful, high pressure situations can be amazing to watch. It's like they've put on a show. And it's such a buzz to experience yourself as a manager and a customer.

And during quiet times, its a joy to come across a retailer not slumped on the counter, counting away the minutes is it not?!

When you're running a business, busy crossing T's, dotting I's and crunching numbers... how can you make sure your bricks and mortar retail store has a good vibe?

Be F.R.E.S.H in your business approach
If you've arrived at your own store and the atmosphere is less-than-fresh, you had better check the following aspects...

F - Family
Are you treating your staff and customers like an extended family? Do this and reap the rewards. Check that everything is OK with their families too.

R - Respect
Easy one. Treat others as you would like to be treated and ensure everyone is doing the same.

E - Energy
If the energy is lacking in your store, get your thinking cap on to get some energy going. Do you need some high energy music or a staff competition? Does your ever-yawning employee need to just get some fresh air? Do you need a nap on your lunch break? Chocolate anyone?

S - Simple
Simplify your store and its systems. De-clutter the shelves, your desk and shop window. A spring-clean surprisingly does wonders for sales.

H - Holistic
Think about everyone's needs in a holistic way, and don't forget your own. We can be so focused on the business that we forget we aren't robots - we are human. So be mindful of your own and your peoples whole selves.

Thank you Janice!

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