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Surrey Park

"@ Surrey Park we believe life is beautiful, life is to be lived & enjoyed. We love those special items around you in your home that evoke memories of days gone by. We believe in using the "good china" & "guest soaps" everyday. We believe in romance & surrounding yourself with those you love & those who love you back. We have learnt to find the beauty in the little things in life, anything that makes you smile!"

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Surrey Park officially launched in June 2012. I have always had a love of shopping (!!) & interior design & a long time dream is to one day have my own brick & mortar store. A big factor to kick start me was that I would see all these amazing things in magazines and then they were never available locally to purchase or the company would not ship nationwide so I thought that an online store would help people like me & the response from rural customers has proved that online shopping has made goods more accessible to everyone everywhere. I have worked for the last 20 years as a registered nurse & still continue part-time. I have always had a love of vintage & industrial styles, loving the magic & history items hold & how an item in your home can invoke a memory as you glimpse at it as you walk past. Nursing has taught me to take pleasure in every day, the simple things, laughter & friendship which is where our philosophy of using the good china & guest soaps everyday comes from!


Surrey is where my great great grandfather was born and when he and his wife settled in Cambridge NZ is 1866, they named their farm "Surrey Park" and remained there for over 40 years. Years on, my grandfather had a favourite racehorse also named "Surrey Park". So it felt right to carry on the name in their honour!

Baroque Water Bottle
Baroque Water Bottle


Once the kids are off to school the computer is fired up checking emails & orders first of all. Once orders are processed, countless minutes, (hours??) are consumed by Facebook, Pinterest & product sourcing. Somewhere amongst the spare hours there is housework, shopping, coffee & possibly a wine or two with friends… We also have a waterproofing business for which I manage the office, not nearly as exciting as homewares…..(don’t tell the husband that!). I love the flexibility of having my own business in that I can arrange my day to fit around the children & other commitments, time off for school trips or a celebratory lunch just means longer on the computer at night!

Glass Apothecary Jar


Our newest range is the gorgeous linen from Danish company by Nord, I love the simplicity of the designs & am a big fan of black & white interiors. I have become very influenced by Scandi designs recently. The majority of our products reflect my love of vintage, classic designs that don’t necessarily follow the latest on-trend fashions but will always have a timeless appeal. Basically everything on our virtual shelves is something I would love to have in my own home if I could find a way to smuggle it in without the husband noticing!

Toadstool Nightlight


The biggest piece of advice I was given for having an online store was to not think that it is “cheaper” to run as there are not the overheads of a physical store but to realise that more money is needed to be spent on advertising as you don’t have the same foot traffic & spontaneous purchases a physical store may receive. But most of all, my advice is to have fun. Don’t take it personally if someone unlikes your facebook page! Always remember why you started your business. We spend so much of our lives working that we must enjoy what we do.

LOVE Kim's philosophy!!! This is printed on the back of their business postcards.


I do love a good stroll around the shops, a glass or 3 of bubble with my besties, a quiet night in with the hubby, laughing at the random things that come out of the mouths of my teenage children & I could no survive without my Kindle!

Home Sweet Home Cushion

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My dream is still to have my own brick & mortar store, so I keep designing its’ interior over & over! I will continue to search for new products I love & that hopefully our customers & friends enjoy also. If there is something in particular you are after we are happy to try to source it for you.

Hedgehog Cushion

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Kim has so kindly given me this very cute Fox Crochet Cushion to giveaway to a lucky winner! He is handmade, 30cm in diameter and is valued at $72.00. Please enter here. The giveaway closes at midnight on 19 November and the winner will be emailed on 20 November and announced here on my blog. Thank you so much Kim!

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