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Songbird Designs

Stunning vintage inspired handmade jewellery!

I would love to introduce you to Sarah

Songbird Classice Floral Double Sided Charm Pendant


Songbird Designs was started in 2006. It started after I began making gift tags and button jewellery and I moved on quite swiftly from there. I started making as a release from my day job as a Human Resources Manager, to something that allowed me to use a more artistic side of myself. I sold on Trade Me to begin with and then opened a FELT store in 2009, then started selling at markets and the rest, as they say, is history!

Trio Pendant, Double Sided Lace Collection


I have always had a ‘thing’ for birds, my maiden name is Toohey (which sounds like Tui!) and in my life I have been a bit of a singer. So the combination makes Songbird Designs.

Double Sided Earrings - Lace Collection

In 3 words...

Vintage inspired, personal embellishment's hmmm that is actually four!

Geo Bead Necklace


I work full time as the Workforce Development Manager for a large District Health Board and I am also the mother of a busy 5 year old boy and a wife to an amazing (and busy) creative husband. Add those things to running a monthly craft market (The Devonport Craft Market) and Songbird days are busy and fairly feel free of routine. In saying that I do love being busy and have a very supportive extended family who help us to keep on top of it all.

Sweet Petite Cluster Necklace


I love selling my wares to people who love them. It is that simple. I get such a buzz from meeting people and talking to them to find out what sort of designs and product they would really like to have. I am inspired by a lot of different things in my environment but the biggest one is my customers. I really don’t love the paperwork and stocktaking. That is the least fun bit!

Double Sided Trio Floral Pendant


Be organised from the beginning. I sort of ‘fell’ into selling in volume from small beginnings and I still feel I am on the backfoot with having good systems and processes for keeping track of everything. I feel if I had thought through my system for running my business from the beginning, then I would be less stressed in busy times!

Bohemia Pendant


My heart feels full and happy when I am listening to music and singing. My son also loves singing so we do a lot of that together. I am also an avid movie watcher.

Double Sided Floral Earrings

Connecting & buying...

You can shop anytime on the Songbird Designs Website and follow our Facebook page to stay in touch with new designs, sales and promotions. I can be contacted on email at

Songbird Designs is also on Twitter and Pinterest.

Double Sided Trio Pendant


Sarah has ever so kindly given me a $50 voucher to giveaway to someone to spend on her online store. Please enter here. The giveaway closes on 16 December at midnight and the winner will be notified by email on the 17 December and announced here on my blog. Thank you so much Sarah!

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