Friday, 21 February 2014

S.P.O.T.M Safety Sticker ~ Product Review

"As a parent many of you may already say 'hands on the car' or 'touch the car' you can tell your kids to S.P.O.T.M!"

Thanks to Samantha from S.P.O.T.M Saftey Stickers (Safe Place On The Move) I was given a sticker to review. We were given a dinosaur transparent sticker (a Triceratops to be precise ~ thanks to my 5 year old son)!
We stuck it (completely easy ~ stick the sticker on and peal the top layer off to leave the shape on your car) to the side of our car and I explained to my wee man how to put his hand on the dinosaur as a safe place to stand. He was more than keen to give it a try. So we headed out for our first go at the New World carpark and it has been fantastic. As it is a dinosaur sticker (his main love!) it has meant it is fun and something of his interest.
Prices range from $7 (hand design) - $10 (customised design) and come in a range of colours to match your car paint or the NEW transparent sticker which we are using.
Pick from a range of shapes including dinosaurs, robots, owls, hands, lions and butterflies or ask for a custom design to suit.

Here is my wee guy (he has managed to cover the sticker so you can hardly see it haha!) I chose to put it close to the back door to ensure he was standing in a safe place.

You can see how transparent the sticker is! Fantastic to blend in with the car paint.

From the S.P.O.T.M website:

"S.P.O.T.M Safety Stickers are designed to give your child a fun, safe place to stand while you are out and about. Place them on the outside of your vehicle (or other designated safe area) to identify a specific spot for their hand when you need your child to stay safe and stay still. Designed to be discreet, they are available in a variety of colours so you can select a shade similar to that of your paintwork…or if you prefer make them bright and bold…the choice is yours!
Available in a basic hand shape or customised to your request (no trademarked images), these stickers will give you peace of mind and your children a fun way of staying safe."

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