Friday, 7 March 2014

Crochet Birdie

Love to introduce you to Kerryn from Crochet Birdie!

Crochet Birdie began when I made an economic decision (while at home with my first baby) to give my well-worn crochet and sheepskin slippers a new lease on life. I was instantly hooked, excuse the pun. Using You Tube videos and a lot of trial and error, I began to design my own patterns and from there Crochet Birdie was born.


I create crochet items for you, baby and home in NZ merino, wool and 100% cotton.

I’ve been astounded at the support I’ve received over the last 4 years from family, friends and my Facebook likers. I love working with each customer to help create their piece of crochet goodness. Making my timeless blankets is something I take particular pride in as these blankets will be in a part of their family for generations, an heirloom to treasure forever.

Now I am a Mum to two lovable, crazy pre-schoolers who both either sleep or have some quite time during the day while I get hookin and enjoy a cuppa.

I’ll end with the best quote I’ve found for my work – “Things of quality have no fear of time”.

xo Kerryn

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