Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Vintage Baby & Youth

Gorgeous vintage inspired children's boutique. I would love to introduce you to Aleisha from Vintage Baby & Youth!

Everyday Brown Corduroy Blazer

Tell me a bit about yourself & Vintage Baby & Youth: I’m an energetic outgoing, fun loving 23 year old Mum of two young children. My time is divided between my awesome family, my café job as a baker/barista & waitress, and operating my online store Vintage Baby & Youth. I love to keep busy!

Lavendar Flower Tank Top

When did Vintage Baby & Youth start and what inspired you to start? I began Vintage Baby & Youth in October 2013 (it’s just a baby). Before I had children I loved being in the garden and baking but once they got moving I found it too frustrating to undertake either activity but I needed something to keep me occupied while at home with the little darlings. I had to come up with a hobby that was based from home, could be done around young children and I thought of putting my knowledge I gained from my business diploma to some use. That is where the idea of establishing an online store came from. I have a love for all things ‘vintage’ and found it hard to come by vintage inspired gear for my children hence the reason for Vintage Baby & Youth.

Combi Throw & Pillow Set

Favourite Product...
What is your current favourite product you stock? I love our Paper, Scissors, Frock dresses. They are so cute and would suit almost any little (or big) girls room as a sweet decorative piece. They make a fab gift as they are so special and unique.

Paper, Scissors, Frock Dresses

Get woken up by children demanding breakfast, drop children who don’t want to go to daycare off at daycare, post out orders from the website, head to my café job, pick children up from daycare who don’t want to leave daycare, cook dinner and do house chores with hungry children grizzling, arguing or hanging off my legs, play outside games/sports or garden if it’s a nice evening, check emails and facebook for website orders and enquiries, put children to bed, sigh, take shoes off, bra off and hair out and sleep.

Tan Grandpa Cardigan

I love being able to work at my pace, in the time that I choose that works around me and my other priorities. I also love the opportunity of dealing with new customers and meeting new people.

Vintage Headbands

Have a vision, make a great plan as to how you will achieve your vision.

Cooper Vest

I absolutely lurve a good massage away from the hustle and bustle of today’s busy frantic society! Having the opportunity to create in the kitchen listening to music and having a wine with no interruptions is also bliss, I find it very therapeutic ;-)

Red & Black Tutu Skirt

From here...
We are really new to the ecommerce scene. It’s a very competitive environment out there so our current goal is to build credibility and gain competitive advantages in the market in order for our online store to grow. As we grow we may look at extending our product range to suit older children as our current focus is mainly products for 0-5 years.

Black Pinstripe Vest

You can find us online where you can shop from the comfort of your own home 24/7!
Please pop over and 'like' our Vintage Baby & Youth Facebook Page. It is updated daily and product arrivals and sales info is listed there too.

Silver Paisley Tie

Aleisha has so kindly given me a $20 online store credit to giveaway! Please enter here. The giveaway closes at midnight on 17 March and the winner will be emailed and announced on here on the 18 March. This giveaway is open to NZ residents only.
Thank you Aleisha!

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