Tuesday, 8 April 2014


What a funky store! Check out 19Black!

About ...
I am a busy mum of 3 (oldest has just married and youngest has just started college) The family nest is currently at 3 with my husband, myself and a teenager at home. We live in a small rural town on a lifestyle block.
19black was an idea that just evolved from necessity really. I sustained a neck injury in a motor cycle accident many years ago (when you are young and bullet proof!) and this has now come home to roost meaning I cannot commit to a 9-5 job. I began looking for something to do from home and initially 19black started with an imported, quirky tee shirt line and just grew from there. If I liked something it got added to the range and the more I look, the more I like.

APPLE Teapot by Britto

'Blow it all on 19black' was something my husband said all the time and it kind of just stuck as a family joke. Of course you won't find 19black in the casino, it is 19red! When I was looking for a website name it just kept coming back so I decided that 19black would be the name. We added 'other STUFF we like' so our range of products is not limited and can and will vary over time.

General Eclectic Coloured Breadboards

In 3 words...
Quirky, Friendly, Fun

Favourite item...
My current favourite would have to be the 'Zombie' twist on the USA made Pink Flamingos. Gotta love a Zombie apocalypse in any form!

Umbra Floating Bookshelf

I still do an early morning run to the school bus at 7.30am and from there spend my day between running a household, a lifestyle block and 19black. Flexibility is the key!

Umbra Wall Decor

I really enjoy being able to work from home. It gives me the freedom to be able to attend school activities and work hours that suit me. I can sort orders, wrap parcels, browse and order etc whilst running around with a busy family. They are also my test dummies for all sorts of products, with the added advantage of being able to wrap and pack when required.

VW Campervan Tent

The same as always, research your idea well and don't underestimate how much time and capital will be required. For myself I had never worked in retail, but the service industry I had worked in and being a parent provides you with many transferable skills.

General Eclectic Wall Art

From here...
We are pretty excited to be adding a new range of Wedding/ Event products to 19black. After helping my daughter organise her recent wedding we have found lot's of new stuff to like.
19black has recently been invited to exhibit at both 'Big Boys Toys' and The 'Hitched' Wedding Expo showing two extremes of our stock range.

James Bond Cufflinks

I would like to say read a book, watch a movie, but it's probably more like being on the internet searching for new 'stuff' for 19black.

Rock n Roll Record Wall Clock

Email ~ info@19black.co.nz 
Website ~ www.19black.co.nz
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/19black
and for the wedding stuff www.facebook.com/recycleyourweddingnz

Giant Outdoor Jenga

Seeing as there is a Royal Visit and Mother's Day is just around the corner we have a giveaway for one of our giant coffee mugs "Mum, a title just above Queen"! Please enter here. This giveaway will close at midnight on 14 April and the winner will be emailed and announced on my blog on 15 April. Open to NZ residents only. Thank you Judy!!! x

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