Thursday, 10 April 2014


 Let's find out about ChatBus!

ChatBus provides a free, mobile counselling service to children under 14 years, in Dunedin. Working out of little buses parked at Primary and Intermediate Schools, the children can access professional counselling without having to depend on an adult to transport them, or to organise support for them.

Children often find themselves without a voice in family situations, and feel like they don't really matter, and no one understands. With our nations high rate of youth suicide, it is important that we teach our children that it is a good, healthy practice to talk about worries, and find support when times are tough.
ChatBus really is a "fence at the top of the cliff" rather than an ambulance at the bottom, providing help while children are young, and before life becomes too complex, with the onset of the teenage years.

The aim of ChatBus is to have a community where all children are protected and valued for the treasure they are.

ChatBus receives no government funding and relies totally on donations and grants, and 100% of donations go into the frontline work with the children.

Love you to pop over and read some more on the ChatBus website donate if you possible can and also 'like' their facebook page to support!

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