Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Emily & Me ~ Soy Melts

Emily & Me ~ Soy Melts

Over the past month I have had such a wonderful time trying out some of Tracy's gorgeous soy melts. I have tried a range of fragrances including Lavendar & Eucalyptus, Rose Geranium & Fruit, Cinnamon Roll and Otago Autumn. 

All you need is an oil burner (I bought one from The Warehouse for just $2.99) some tea light candles and some matches.You place the soy melt in the top of the burner and it melts with the heat from your candle. After about five minutes you get the most beautiful scent. The scent lasts well over an hour and it really does fill the room. 

I loved all the fragrances, but my absolute favourite was Cinnamon Roll. It has such a gorgeous sweet scent of cinnamon! 

These would make a lovely Mother's Day gift and you can purchase them here. Have a look at the Soy Melt Sampler ~ gorgeous!

Do have a browse around the rest of Tracy's website too, she has a beautiful range.

This is my set up :) I adore the shape of the melts

Here is the melt while burning 

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