Friday, 9 May 2014

Bam + Boo Kids

Let's chat with Toni & Martha-jane from Bam |+| Boo Kids

Toni & Martha-jane with their boys (they each have another little boy now too!)

Hi there, we are Bam |+| Boo® kids! - Max and Tom. We were the most lovely, chubby, happy babies and our parents adored us to pieces! Everything was going really well until we both started to get eczema.....

Our awesome mums dressed us in some (not) so funky bamboo clothing to reduce our itchiness and discomfort. The only problem was we didn’t look so hot in our bamboo clothing.

That was when our mums came up with Bam |+| Boo. Funky and reasonably priced bamboo clothing & bedding that grows with you. Eczema friendly clothing does not have to be boring. Why don’t you give it a try for your wee ones and feel for yourself.

Bam |+| Boo kids promises to provide quality, trendy, scalable and affordable bamboo clothing and products to suit children, especially those with eczema.

What does this really mean?

|+| Pants and sleeves that have longer cuffs so that you can fold them up then down as your children grow.
|+| Just because they are little and possibly uncomfortable from Eczema doesn’t mean they have to miss out on wearing fashionable and comfortable clothing.
|+| Clothing that is affordable and reasonable for the quality of the product.
|+| Clothing that is on trendy and fun.
|+| Designed by mums so you can rest assure that the product meets the high level of scrutiny

Bam |+| Boo kids pride themselves in creating products that are both funky and functional. We understand 
that parents want something fashionable that will help ease your children’s condition without breaking the bank.

We are proud of our tagline “Growing clothes for your sprouts”. We want to ensure that the garments and linen will last more than a few weeks before your sprout has outgrown it.

Pop over and have a browse on their gorgeous website and make sure you 'like' their Facebook page to keep up with new ranges!

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