Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Iti Baby

Beautiful baby skin care, hats & swaddles. 
Today I am chatting with Dana from Iti Baby.

Hello, my name is Dana, I am married to Matthew, and we have two little girls - Tahlia (5) and Chloe (3). I am a nurse by trade, and still work as such in the weekends. I love to paint and get out in the garden when I have time (which these days is hardly never!)

Organic Bamboo Swaddle

Our journey to Iti Baby has been a long one. My second baby needed to be swaddled until she was 9 months old - she was a terrible sleeper and this was one way we got at least a little sleep from her. She outgrew her "large" swaddle at 12 weeks and you couldn't buy anything any larger, we struggled using cot sheets to swaddle with, which were next to useless - they are the wrong shape and have no stretch. The Iti Baby Jumbo Merino Swaddle was born!
As a family we love to support local events, charities and products. So naturally our Iti Baby products are all made right here in Dunedin, by professional seamstresses and all our labels/print outs etc are NZ made too.
The skin care range was more of a need for 100% natural skin products for my family, and with a little trial and error we have now got some fantastic products.

Ultimate Gift Box

Iti is a Maori word for little or tiny, and I love the sound of it ee-tee, sounds so cute and little. Hence Iti Baby.

Merino Colour Range

After the mad rush getting the kids to kindy and school and feeding the dogs, rabbit and chickens I usually sit down with some breakfast/brunch and check my emails and facebook.
My week then involves approaching businesses to wholesale our products to, liasing with current stores, packaging and sending parcels for orders from our website, designing and ordering more products to be made at our sewing company, making skincare products, designing packaging, organising packaging production/ordering, website maintenance and running our facebook page. Also I run the household and try to catch up with friends for coffee dates a few days a week, it is quite a busy life!

Merino Hat

I love the flexibility, the creativity and the challenge. I love being able to design and create new products.

They are all designed by myself. The sewing and loom work are all made by local professionals so we maintain a premium quality products and have the ability to supply large orders. The skin care range is all batch processed and hand crafted by myself.

Skin Care Range

Staying motivated...
Some times I don't!! I am a very self motivated person, and a good long list of jobs that need done is usually all I need to get inspired to get working.

Plan, plan, plan! We kind of launched into this without too much forethought, but I believe our ride would have been much smoother if we had planned a little more. Also be very aware how much set up costs are actually involved – I never realised how expensive glass bottles or printing of labels actually was until I was in the midst of it.

New Zealand Merino Swaddle

I don't! Well, not often at least. I find gardening very relaxing, and I feed our family from the vege garden for 8 months of the year, so it is a priority for us. I also love meeting up with other mums for coffee or having a snuggle with my girls.

Mother To Be Gift Box

From here...
Iti Baby is slowly getting in to more and more shops, and the shops that do stock them are finding thing are selling well. We would like to continue to expand in NZ and are also looking to supply a few shops in the UK. We also have a knitted Vintage range in the pipe line, which is very exciting!

Connecting & buying...
Webstore and articles ~ www.itibaby.co.nz
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/itibaby
Email ~ info@itibaby.co.nz
Follow us on Pinterest ~ www.pinterest.com/itibabynz/
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Dana has given me one of her Iti Baby Merino hats worth $45 to giveaway to one of you!

"Our Iti Ear-Flap Hats will keep your baby snug and warm and looking super cute. Made in NZ from 100% ultra fine NZ merino - these are the ultimate hat for style, quality and function.

DOT will fit a tiny baby through to the size of an average 3 month old
BABY will fit an average sized baby from birth until at least one year of age
TOT will fit from around 1 year until around the age of 3 - they do fit my 5 year old!"

*This giveaway is open to NZ residents only. It closes at midnight on 26 May and the winner will be notified by email on 27 May and announced here on my blog. The winner has 48 hours to respond before there will be a redraw.

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