Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Kid Lidz

Gorgeous & fun crochet accessories for kids!
It is lovely to introduce Rachel from Kid Lidz

Five fun facts about me...
1. I’m a stay at home mum to two beautiful boys Lyell (3.5 years) and Cooper (1.5 years).
2. I’ve been with my husband now for 8 years and we’ve been married for 4.5 years
3. I graduated from Otago University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in neuroscience
4. I want to go back to study when my kids aren’t preschoolers anymore, and I want to become a midwife
5. While I crochet for my biz, I can’t knit at all!!! But I’d love to learn, when I eventually have time again.


Kid Lidz started when I was home with Lyell. He was about 8 months old and I started to need something else that seemed productive other than changing 100 dirty nappies and tidying things that were going to get dirty again. Crafting was that release and I started with quilting. Crochet was the next thing I tried and I love it!! I put my creations on Lyell and gifted a few to other friends all of whom said I should sell my creations. I was lucky enough to know a couple of lovely ladies who started Miracle Dunedin (a baby boutique) and they were more than happy to take a chance on Kid Lidz and it’s just grown from there.


I had a brain storming session with my family and my dad came up with it. I knew that I only really wanted to stick with hats, and he was thinking about all the slang names for them…skid lids for helmets and it turned into Kid Lidz.


We don’t really have one, just go with the flow and what the kids want to do. We try to get out each day for a walk and I’ve just started running 3-4 times a week which has been really awesome. The boys also spend 8 hours a week in daycare which allows be some time to focus on Kid Lidz without being interrupted. I mostly crochet when they’re napping/playing quietly and after they’re in bed at night.


I love having the ability to work the hours that I want to, and the hours that work for me and my family. If the boys are sick or just want more attention, I can adjust my week to accommodate them. Also it’s so awesome to see how far it’s come in the last 3 years and know that it’s all because of my hard work.

Owl Hat

Designing and making...
I make all of my hats from 100% NZ wool. I have designed most of my ‘Creatures’ designs myself, but the others come from talented designers such as Liz from Playin’ Hooky. Most patterns come from America where their most popular yarn is thicker than ours so I have to adapt every pattern I buy...it’s time consuming but means that my hats are unique to my style.

Baby Owls

I enjoy the ability to say “look what I made today”. I’m a really motivated person so it’s fairly easy for me. I’m part of quite a few biz groups on facebook where I can share my ideas/have a moan about the latest things happening which help to get it out and stay motivated. It can become quite lonely working from home with only small people for company.

Boys Owls

Think about the time that you have, and make sure you’re doing something that you love as you’ll ultimately spend a lot of time agonising over if it’s all worth it. Talk to others in business for themselves…it’s not all beer and skittles but if you’re really keen it’s awesome!!! Also keep organised!!! I have a to do list for each week both for Kid Lidz and other aspects of my life. I find it easier to plan for the week rather than the day as things change very quickly in a day!

Crochet (it’s handy for that reason), reading books or hanging out with the family or friends (usually with wine) help to keep me relaxed.


From here...
Kid Lidz evolves with my family, the beauty of it is I can do as little or as much as I like. Ultimately I’d like to have it stocked in a few more boutiques, but as I don’t want to move away from the handmade in NZ feel of the biz, it’ll all depend on the time that I have.

Rachel Crocheting

Connecting and buying...
My website has my complete range www.kidlidz.co.nz and my Kid Lidz Facebook page is an awesome place to see sneak peeks of things I’ve been up to. Also my instagram feed @kidlidz is chocka of crochet and baby pics. You can email me anytime at kidlidz@gmail.com

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