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Tout le Monde NZ

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Let's chat with Kristi from Tout le Monde NZ

My name is Kristi and I am a work at home mum and ‘house executive’. In September, my husband and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage and we have three awesome little girls – Keira (7), Maia (4) and Anika (18 months).
Before Keira was born, I was a primary school teacher at a local intermediate; a job, which I loved, and that I thought I would return quickly to. It wasn’t long before I realised that I loved being at home with her and I was lucky enough to stay at home with all of my girls.
I didn’t start teacher training until after I got married, so prior to that I worked in customer service and managerial roles.

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Starting Tout le Monde...
After the birth of our third daughter, I wanted to be able to contribute financially to my family again, and to give my brain a much needed workout, but I still wanted to be able to do something from home.
I wanted to find great products that I knew my three girls and/or their cousins and friends would enjoy. My mission is to provide great products for excellent prices, especially for babies and children.

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Tout le Monde loosely translated means 'Something for Everyone' and that is what I am striving to achieve. In the beginning, I had a few ideas of items that I would like to sell, but I didn’t want to pigeonhole what we were, so that if we changed track, our business name would still make sense. The business name is also a nod to my mother who loves everything about France!

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I check my emails before the children wake up and then do the usual breakfast/lunch preparation. Do the school and kindy drop off and come home and play with bubs, do some housework, prepare and eat lunch with Anika and then pop her into bed for her nap. This usually gives me 2 hours to settle down and ‘work’, packaging up orders, returning emails and messages from customers, researching new products and networking with other businesses. Then it’s the school pick up and organised chaos until the girl’s bedtime! I usually spend another hour or so after they are in bed catching up on correspondence and then I try and spend some quality time with my husband.

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I love that the buck stops with me. If there are any issues, it is up to me to sort them out.
I feel incredibly lucky to be home with our children and to be able to work around the children’s needs.
It’s a great feeling to be able to connect with people throughout the country and make new contacts and friends with both other business owners and customers.
It’s fabulous to be able to give back to the community. I have been privileged to donate to and support a number of fundraising ventures for children in need. That has made me very happy.

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Caffeine? No, seriously, when things are tough, my girls keep me motivated. Having been at home for them all of their lives, I also wanted them to see that I am more than just a mum and to demonstrate working habits to them, and I really wanted to be able to earn extra money so that we can afford more than just the necessities of life for them. You know, all of the extras, especially once they reach school age.

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Follow your heart and believe in yourself. Ask for help if you need it, although I’m not great at following my own advice! I’m shocking at asking for help!

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I try to make sure that the hubby and I have some quality time in the evening. That usually means relaxing on the couch watching television that we both enjoy. There are a few things that have taken a backseat which I am keen to start again soon, such as a structured daily exercise routine and a night out with girlfriends on a more regular basis than once in a blue moon!

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From here...
My goals for the near future are to take the plunge and develop a website for Tout le Monde NZ. This is my next immediate focus, so keep an eye out for a website from us in the coming months. I also want to continue to grow my customer base and to provide fantastic customer service. I really enjoy getting to know our future and current customers.

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Connecting and buying...
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/ToutleMondeNZ
Email ~ toutlemondenz@yahoo.co.nz
Trade Me ~ toutlemonde76
Thank you so much Kristi for a $20 voucher to giveaway! Please pop over to my Liked by Becky Facebook Page to find out how to enter.

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