Tuesday, 15 July 2014

HAZED Winter Edition

The gorgeous HAZED arrived in my mailbox last week. It is always so exciting when it does. The Winter Edition is beautiful and is packed with 'Indie Designers' creating for weddings.

I love the layout of this magazine. It is A5 in size, perfect for your handbag and is full of wonderful photos.

In this edition Hazel 'pays homage to where it all started', back when she was planning her wedding. You will find many links to lovely businesses, recipes, a sewing tutorial, a page with fantastic events on this Winter,
and a wonderful article on finding your niche in the crafty world.

Another beautifully written and presented magazine by the team at HAZED! You can purchase your copy here ~ www.etsy.com/shop/hazedmagazine

Website ~ www.hazellovesdesign.co.nz
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/hazellovesdesign

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