Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tiki House

Beautiful upcycled shabby chic and vintage furniture! I would love you to meet Kirsten from Tiki House

I am wife to Ray who truly is one of the best. We have 5 children 4 at home attending school. I love my phone and anything sweet. We are never idle always doing something, whether it be for Tiki House or around our own home. I love to do anything crafty and try anything once. I get totally lost on Pinterest for hours without realising at times how long I have been on there!

Rustic Flower Holder

Starting Tiki House...
Tiki House started due to us buying a lifestyle block. We bought a 1920’s cottage the original home on our road. When we moved here with all our furniture some things just did not look right. So out came the paint and hey presto we had given our furniture a new lease of life that totally suited our new life style.
From there friends and family loved what we had done and some asked for us to do the same for their furniture. Then their friends and so on got hold of us asking if we would do the same thing so we thought let’s see if we can make what started off as a hobby something we really could do more and more. So we started a Facebook page and word of mouth proved invaluable and we have yet to look back.
While my husband works full time he also is the fix it man, the delivery man and the pick up man. So basically he is the Tiki House Man who does a lot to keep our little venture running along smoothly.
90% of our items are recycled before they are put up for sale. Love giving them a new lease of life they are so solid they will last for many more years to come.

Gorgeous Dresser

Our name came as Ray and I both love Tiki’s and we thought that it was perfect for us.

Seat Covered with Cath Kidston Oilcloth

Our routine is varied due to the kids what they have on at school. I also do Admin Contract Work. How many orders for custom paint jobs we have booked in. Love how we have the best clientele that totally understands that we are a family also as well as running a busy schedule with Tiki House.

We have a simple but very effective booking system we use to keep all our jobs in order. We have lists and more lists to help us keep on track.

Ornate Frame and Tray

Ask from the the experienced and the professionals if you are on the right track. We have a brilliant Accountant we work with now and look forward to where Tiki House will go in the future. Follow your heart it will not let you down. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you never will know if you don’t ask.

Framed Goodies!

Relaxing around here is pottering around our little farmlet. We don’t keep still very often. We have a variety of pets here that keep us busy, a huge garden and we love to do DIY in our home.

A Manrobe!

From here...
We would like to see Tiki House go onwards and upwards.

Huge thanks to all those that have been there from the start and to those we meet along the way. Thank you as Tiki House wouldn't be where it is today without you. We love doing what we do x

Lovely Set of Drawers

Connecting and buying...
Make sure you follow Kirsten on their Tiki House Facebook page to keep up with all her gorgeous new items including gorgeous cushions and pillowcases coming soon!

Kirsten has given me three items to giveaway and so we will have three winners!!!
Please go over to the Liked. by Becky Facebook page to find out how to be in to win.
Thank you so much Kirsten x

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