Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Announcements by Donna S

Personalised prints to record special moments. 
Let's chat with Donna from Announcements by Donna S

I am a Mum of two young children. William's 4 and Amelia's 2. My husband is a great support also of my prints and helps a lot with the kids so I can get on when orders mount up. I work part time also as a Registered Nurse. I love to bring a smile to peoples faces and I love seeing what new ideas people come up with in regards to making a custom print. I also make cakes and cupcakes in my "spare" time for the general public :-).
Announcements by Donna S started after I had made some birth records for friends and family last Christmas. I had such positive feedback and someone suggested I start a page to show some examples of my work. It took off over night! I was inspired by peoples amazingly positive feedback and due to friends "word of mouth" Announcements by Donna S has surpassed by expectations in popularity!

Plunket Word Art

Yes all of my art is designed by me! However some of it is inspired by prints or images I have previously seen. I make sure to add my own twist and just "run" with what is popular at the present time.

'The Moon'

It often varies due to the nature of shift work. However on my days off usually my son is off to Kindy so I get to spend time with my little girl doing loads of mother/daughter outings. It's in the evenings that I do my prints as the kids are in bed. So very little impact on family life.

Birth Announcement

My spending time with my family. Getting away on trips and enjoying regular foot massages from my husband!

NZ Print

From here...
I would love to see my prints picked up by stores around NZ. I do have my prints stocked around NZ aimed at the tourist market (my Kiwiana range has been very popular with overseas clients).
I love to give back and have donated many prints around the place. Plunket, Canteen and people who have lost children or babies.

'Now We Have Everything'

Connecting & buying...
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/BirthAnnouncementssbyDonnaS
Email ~ donnalobrien@hotmail.com

'Home Is Where The Heart Is'

Thank you Donna for this lovely giveaway. The winner can choose from either the blue or pink set.  The images come unframed however Donna is happy to frame them at the winners cost. RRP $40.
Please head to my Liked. by Becky facebook page to find out how to enter.

* Open to NZ residents only

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