Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Crochet Birdie

Vintage inspired crochet goodies for you, baby and your home! Let's chat with Kerryn from Crochet Birdie

Lace Cloche

Crochet Birdie began out of financial necessity! I had a gorgeous pair of lambskin slippers that my Mum had bought me while I was at home with our newborn baby girl (she’s now 4 ½). They were looking very sad but a new pair was going to set me back $100! With only one income, there was no way I could afford that, so I pulled one to pieces and SLOWLY figured out how to put it back together. I watched You Tube videos and after many attempts got them just right. I also fixed Mum’s to say thanks for buying them in the first place. I’d caught the bug, I was a hooker! I got inspired to pull an old scarf to pieces and made it into a few items. A headband for my daughter and a couple of gifts. Then a few lovely people I know asked if they could buy a hat from me and the rest, as they say, is history!

Chevron Blanket

Yep, lovingly hooked by me. My Mum has also just come on board.

Vintage Blanket

Naming Crochet Birdie...
Birdie has been my nickname since birth and it has stick. I had a really low bridge as a baby and my uncle thought I looked like a little bird with a beak … cute!

Baby Boots

I work two days a week at the business my Husband and I own so on our home days, I spend the mornings hanging out with the kids doing usual Mum stuff, folding washing while helping to make some masterpiece or rebuild a Lego disaster. After lunch our son, Cooper 2 ½, generally goes down for a sleep and Regan will watch a movie or get crafty while I have an hour or two to get making. Then it’s back to work around home, getting tea on the go, bathing the kids, you know the drill. Once the kids are off to bed I sit down to the telly and get making again. I try to make at least item a day and get a bit of my current blanket done.

Newsboy Cap

Owning your own business...
I love the freedom to go where you choose. I always have new ideas bouncing around my head (normally at about 3am) and I love that I can just give it a go the next day.


The money certainly helps! Without Crochet Birdie my family would certainly not have the clothes we’ve got and the wee weekends away. I’m truly thankful to all my wonderful customers/supporters/followers/groupies, without you Crochet Birdie would not be what it is today.
All my “actual” jobs have been in admin which can be quite endless so I love the satisfaction if starting something and finishing it.


Advice for others...
If you are passionate about something, that will shine through in what you do so believe in yourself otherwise no one else will.
I also love the eccentric wisdom of Albert Einstein and found this quote one day:

Cider!! Gotta love a cold cider with the girls on any given afternoon .. ha!
I love to spend time with my family near one of the Southern Lakes, bonfire, gumboots and marshmallows with the kids.
And I’m a freak in the fact that crochet makes me chill … if I’m sitting I’m hooking, I love it.

Cross Blanket

From here...
Hmmm, I’ve got lots of ideas brewing so you’ll be sure to see some new pieces gracing my Facey and Instagram feeds. I’d like to keep Crochet Birdie the size it is as I think people appreciate the handmade aspect and are happy to wait for a great quality product.


Connecting and buying...
Pop over and have a look at Kerryn's beautiful website and be sure to follow her on Facebook, instagram and pinterest to keep up with new designs!
Website ~ www.crochetbirdie.co.nz
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/crochetbirdie
Instagram ~ @crochetbirdie
Pinterest ~ www.pinterest.com/crochetbirdie/


Free shipping...
Thank you so much to Kerryn you can have free shipping for the month of August!!! Simply visit www.crochetbirdie.co.nz and use the discount code below x

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