Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Humble Heart

Unique Handmade Nail & String Art! 
Let's chat with Ange from The Humble Heart.

About Me...
Hello, I'm Ange. I am 31 (or maybe 32? I cant remember) I live in Palmerston North, in the mighty Manawatu. I am married to Dwayne who is a Retail Manager in Feilding. We have 2 son’s, Bailey who is 7 & Quinn who is 2. As well as being the designer/creator of The Humble Heart I also have a part-time job as a merchandiser for a Tel-Co company.

Todd the Fox

About The Humble Heart...
Every year for the last 3-4 years I have made ALL of my Christmas presents for my Neices & Nephews and Christmas 13 I decided to make them a personalised name board made from nails & string. I posted a pic on my personal Facebook and loads of friends & family commented that I should go into business making & selling my string art…. And so The Humble Heart was born! – 15th of Dec 13 to be exact!

Geo Bear - Brutis

Yes they certainly are all handmade by me! Hubby helps me out with the skill-saw cutting my boards to size but I hammer in each & every nail! Some days it feels as though I have hammered more nails than a carpenter has in his lifetime.

New Zealand

I wanted something unique & had researched up on how to choose a business name ….. I like to be a little quirky and love names that rhyme or an allitoration … No word of a lie once I decided I wanted a name with “The” & then 2 matching first letter words “Humble Heart” just popped into my head & that was it!

Africa the Elephant

I'm up & into things with my boys – they are early risers & hubby has a 20min drive to work so our household is a hussle bussle in the mornings. Bailey heads off to school – we generally walk as it is only 15min return trip – Quinn and I head out a couple of days a week to Mainly Music or Playgroup. Thank goodness he is having a sleep still during the afternoon as this is WORK time for me! I go full noise to get boards painted, nails nailed, string strung. Bailey arrives home from school & I'm normally heading off to run errands like deliver my parcels to my local postshop (the man in there knows me well) home to do housework/dinner all that usual behaviour! Once the kiddies are in bed me & hubby will hang out for a bit – I might get a chance to watch some TV & in most cases I am stringing up a board as well.

Chester the Squirrel

The above shows some of this – I get to work from home! Be it hanging out reading books with Quinn, or attending Baileys school events, have picnics outside, cook a big roast meal. It is a blessing indeed! But most of all though I am privledged to make & create beautiful pieces of art work that I am so very proud of! I love interacting with my customers and helping to make a design they like come to life. I sometimes have to kick myself when I realise that “MY” artwork is hanging in someone elses home that they are proud themselves to show off to everyone and admire for many years. How cool is that?


If I am not doing a custom order I am normally working on a new design. I try to stay on-trend and keep my style to keep up with the fashions. I do have times that are testing and sometimes wonder if I can keep up with demand but it all works out in the end, a couple of late nights never hurt.

Cyrus the Stag

Do your research…. Check out potential competition and do something REALLY different! I think these days people are wanting to purchase unique items not something they see on every FB page or in every shop.

Our family are big on tramping & camping… in the summertime we are normally out setting up camp or heading into the bush for a tramp most times staying in some alpine huts. We love the bush and that is the best place to be to escape the hussle of everyday madness we call life.

Koru Heart

From here...
I am hopefully in the next few months going to be creating my very own website. When I say “I am” that actually may mean I might talk nicely to a website designer…. I am attending a large Christmas market here in Palmerston North in early December and all going well I may sign up to some other local summertime markets.

Connecting and buying... 
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/thehumbleheart
Instagram ~ thehumbleheart
Email ~ humbleheartpage@gmail.com

Ange has so kindly given me one of her 'Make a Wish Dandelion' pieces of artwork to give away!!! Thank you so much Ange!
Please head over to my Liked. by Becky Facebook page to find out how to enter.

*Open to NZ residents only
The size is 30cm x 30cm & RRP is $30

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