Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bam|+|Boo Kids

'Eczema and sensitive-skin friendly clothing for your sprouts!'
It is very exciting to chat with Toni and Martha-jane from Bam|+|Boo Kids

Bam |+| Boo kids started after Martha-jane and myself couldn’t find any cool clothes for eczema kids. Both our first born developed eczema at around 6weeks old and after hours and hours of researching and scouring the internet (thanks GOOGLE!) we decided that we wanted funky clothing for them, just because they had eczema and needed super soft clothing, didn’t mean they had to look daggy! A friend of mine also put us onto Pure Fiji and their Dilo range after noticing a photo of Max on Facebook. Thank goodness she did, as after spending a lot of money on different creams and lotions that didn’t do a thing, the Dilo creams worked! We are now lucky so stock it on our website.

Martha-jane and I met at pregnancy yoga over 4 years ago – we were one of the “cheeky kids in the class” so got on really well thankfully.

Toni has 4yr old Max, and 16mth old Tate. (and husband James!)

Martha-jane has 4yr old Thomas and 12mth old Frank. (and husband Malcom!)

I must add that we are both really lucky to have very supportive husbands that have put up with all the Bam |+| Boo talk for the last two years! ☺

Bam|+|Boo Singlet

Naming Bam+Boo...
To be honest Martha-jane and I were brainstorming (while having a glass of wine!) and it popped up, we both loved it and decided that the |+| which is a bamboo shoot fitted well between the word Bamboo…. and there we have it! ☺ It was too easy and meant to be.

Bam|+|Boo Duffle Pants

Favourite product...
That’s a tricky one! The duffle pants are very popular as they grow with your child across the year – you roll the cuffs down as they grow. They are super soft, we love them, the kids love them, mums love them, they are an all-round winner. The secret favorite of ours is the flat sheet! It’s so delish and we use it for ourselves all the time (us mummies I mean!) It doubles as a lovely light blanket, pram cover, a light blanket for your kiddies single bed and is so soft and silky.

Bam|+|Boo Cot Sheet

This is a little nuts! Our routines are not dissimilar in our homes. Up anywere from 5.30, Kiddies fed, dressed and the 4yr olds off to Kindy. The wee ones stay with us at home while we try and answer emails and respond to order queries, then its off to exercise and home to clean the house and pack orders while the little ones sleep. Then its time to pick the 4yr olds up and the afternoon/evening madness begins, dinner prep, outside for a play, dinner, baths, bed for the kiddies, then Martha-jane and I Work/meetings/skype till late into the night.

We try and take the boys to the Zoo, walking on the beach, to the park – just get them out every day as boys need to run! ☺ And it’s good for our heads too ☺

Martha-jane is a superwoman and still works part time at a real job too!

Bam |+| Boo Kids 'Royal Rolliston Hoodie' - Coming Soon!

Owning Bam|+|Boo...
We love that we are helping people. That we can work around the children, still drop them off to kindy, pick them up, go to their kindy outings. It’s all about the little people in our lives really! ☺

We love that all our hard work goes into our own brand. Its very satisfying as both Martha-jane and myself had amazing jobs pre-children and this helps satisfy us in that area!

Bam|+|Boo Hooded Towel

Staying motivated...
We are both very self motivated people – you have to be to run your own business. BUT we have each other, that’s very motivating and we are extremely thankful for what each bring to Bam |+| Boo, we are great friends and we do not talk about Bam and Boo when we are at social events together as we need to have fun too!

Bam |+| Boo Kids Onsies

Advice for others... 
Research, research, research. NEVER forget the ones that have helped you along the way. They are the most important people. We have the most amazing supportive friends, so lucky!

Accept help, especially if you have small children. It is hard!!

Remind your partners (husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends etc) that they are awesome for supporting you in your new business venture.

Build great contacts with other mums and dads that have small businesses, they are a great sounding board and a good laugh when you need it.

Apply for a business mentor after 6mths of trading. It’s worth it.

SMILE, LAUGH & ENJOY the ride.

Bam|+|Boo Clothing

Time to relax...
We LOVE to go away to the beach with our families, go on dates with our husbands, exercise and spend time with our friends and their children. It’s great to have a good hearty laugh to relax, do it.

MJ also likes to run to relax ☺ I'm yet to find that relaxing ;) although we are both doing the pink duathlon in December, so I better get going!

Bam|+|Boo Facecloths

From here... 
There is so much happening in the background here at Bam |+| Boo Kids, we have an amazing nutritionist onboard, a naturopath and a sleep consultant coming shortly! We have a new range being released over the next 4months and few other things we can’t tell you about yet! We are super excited about it all!

Pure Fiji Range

Connecting and buying...
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BamAndBooKids
Website: www.bamandboo.co.nz
Instagram: bamandbookids
Email: sales@bamandboo.co.nz

I have a beautiful sheet set to giveaway worth $65! Please head over to my Liked. by Becky facebook page to find out how to enter.

Thank you Toni and Martha-jane x

'Our stretchy fitted cot sheet is just divine (when making the cot up, we feel like snuggling in!)
70% Bamboo viscose and 30% Organic cotton, this combination is super silky and soft, wicks away moisture and dries quickly too.
A must have for sure, this super soft sheet set is kind to wee sprouts bodies.
Sized to fit all mattresses due to stretchy fabric.'

**Open to NZ residents only

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