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'Creator; collector; and curator of beautiful things, both vintage and new.'
Let's chat with Sarah from MissMollyCoddle

I started MissMollyCoddle about 4 1/2 years ago, not long after having my first baby, Eden. It started off with sewing baby shoes in the afternoon while she slept. Little Ladies coats were added once I made her one and got so many compliments on it. Our online store was opened about a year ago, to co-incide with our appearance in Your home and garden. I'd always dreamt of owning my own business and really wanted one that complimented my own products and tastes. I found alot of the products I was admiring on pinterest and international blogs just weren't available in New Zealand, so it's been great fun sourcing some unique products for children's rooms, and feeding my decorating obsession too!

Little Ladies Coat

My husband came up with the idea of MollyCoddle and I added Miss for a more girly twist.

Felt Ball Garland & Nesting Dolls

Favourite product... 
I absolutely love our range of hooks. When I was doing Edens room in preparation for her arrival, I searched high and low for some cute colourful hooks for the back of her door and couldn't find any in New Zealand. I finally found some in the UK! They were expensive and poor quality, she's bent them when tugging (as children do) on coats. So I'm very pleased to be importing the range we do. I love all the products I make too and we now have a section just for these which you can view here.

Vintage Ballerina Cushion Cover

It varies daily, but we're pretty busy! We like to get out in the mornings and usually have an activity on, such as ballet, music, playgroup or (ahem..)a coffee catch up. Eden goes to preschool a few afternoons a week and I sew/blog/package for MissMollyCoddle while Ben has an afternoon nap. We might get out for a walk or play at a local playground before it's all on with the late afternoon domestic madness! I try to relax once the kids are in bed, but sometimes sew or do a bit of work for MissMollyCoddle if I need to.

Little Ladies Parisian Coat

I love the creative side of it, coming up with new ideas, colour/fabric combinations for our products. I love all the positive feedback from lovely customers and I get great pleasure from seeing our products in use, both my creations and those I source for our store. I also love that I'm home with my children, but able to provide an extra source of income (always handy!), so a HUGE thank you to all our loyal customers!

Fairy Bread Pillowcase

It's not hard when you love what you do! I'm a bit obsessed with cute and colourful vintage style decor/kids accessories and just love making and sourcing them. The hardest aspect is finding the time.

Little Ladies Apron

Trust your instincts and go for it! Stick to what you love and your unique angle, ignore what everyone else is doing and you'll be more likely to stand out and be unique.

Little Woodland Owl Shoes

I relax by doing stuff actually. I'm really quite terrible at putting my feet up, well during the day anyway. I feel more relaxed if I've achieved something. But I'm pretty good at putting my feet up for a bit of telly and a cuppa at night. Looking forward to seeing what the contestants on the latest block have to offer.

Rambling Rose Gift Tape

From here...
We've got some pretty adorable products lined up and will be focusing on the decor side of the business. I want to provide a great place to shop for unique, fun and beautiful products for your children's rooms. Decorating a nursery, or changing a nursery to suit your growing child is such an exciting and precious time and we want to be part of that fun! I love doing my own children's rooms and I love finding/making products for yours too.

Fawn Cushion

Connecting & buying...

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Floating Feathers Fabric Wall Art

Sarah has given me a custom made 3 metre garland valued at $40 to giveaway! Please head to the Liked. by Becky Facebook page to find out how to enter.
Thank you Sarah!

*The garland is made with 2.5cm balls and in colours of the winners choice, subject to balls in stock at time of winning. 

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