Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jordy May Design

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I am so excited to be chatting to Jordan from Jordy May Design!

Hi I’m Jordan, I’m a 22 years old and Mum to a handsome little dude named Brooklyn (21 months). I am an Air Force wife-to-be, my amazing fiance and I are currently planning our wedding for early 2015! We were posted to Ohakea earlier this year from Auckland, it’s quite the change! I’m a lover of Whittakers chocolate and slight addicted to Lift Plus (ahem, only ever so slightly I swear hehe)!

Geometric Heart Print

Jordy May Design...
With a qualification in Graphic Design, about a year ago when Brooklyn was still a little baby I designed a ‘birth announcement’ that I could frame and put up in his bedroom. It had his name and birth details and a cute photo on the bottom. Lots of my friends loved it so I designed some for their kiddies too. And from that, Jordy May Design was born!

Print Trio

Choosing a business name...
Jordy was my childhood nickname and May is my middle name. I really struggled to come up with a name and this one just kept coming back to me! So I decided to just go with it and if something more amazing popped into my head I could always change it in the future. But a year on it has grown on me even more and I really like it.

Creative Headboard by Jordan!

Brooklyn’s Daddy gets up with him whenever he wakes up and they hang out while I stay in bed, until 7.30am on the dot when Brooklyn comes running in yelling “Mumma! Wake up!!” and Daddy goes to work. We usually hang about home in the mornings and get out for a walk if it’s warm enough. Brooklyn naps from 1-3pm so this is my chance to crack into some work. Once he wakes up it’s back to being Mumma until he goes to bed for the night at 7pm. I watch Shortland Street and then off I trot to my office AKA the spare room, and I stay there until about 10.30pm each night. I try to take weekends off but that generally doesn’t happen!

TeePee Tent made by Jordan

Owning your own business...
Getting to work from home, the flexability. I love that I get to stay home with my little boy and get to see each and every milestone with my own eyes. I get to take a million photos of him every day. I feel very very blessed to get to do this. Even if it means working until rediculous-o’clock, it’s worth it.

Picture Cards for Toddlers

Staying motivated...
I love what I do and I’m very passionate about it. Hearing from happy customers though is what keeps me motivated the most. Thank you’s and reviews make me smile from ear to ear and sometimes I can’t believe its MY work that they’re praising. I really did that!! Also buying things that have a label on them with my logo, feels pretty darn cool. I struggle to throw out swing tags if they have my design on them!

Flamingo Print

Advice for others wanting to start a business...
Just do it! I would probably still be sitting here twiddling my thumbs if it wasn’t for my friends encouraging me to start a Facebook page. Take the plunge and get your name out there!

Business Branding

I love snuggling in bed with snacks (cue Whittakers chocolate) watching You-Tube videos; beauty gurus mostly. Does this make me sound very geeky? I would say laying on a beach but I don’t imagine the beach + toddler would be that relaxing. We haven’t tried that one yet!

I Love You to the Moon & Back

From here...
I’m moving more and more into business branding, not purposely, that’s just the way the wind has taken me I suppose. I’m really enjoying it. Planning to just go with the flow and see where the next year takes us. Would love to get a website going at some stage too!

Birth Announcements

Connecting & ordering...
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/jordymaysmithdesign
Email ~ jordymaydesign@gmail.com
Instagram ~ @jordymaydesign

Gorgeous Brooklyn!

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