Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mini Made

Hi there! I’m Sara - mum, wife, teacher and lucky business owner of Mini Made.
I created Mini Made 18 months ago with the idea that I wanted to fill a gap in the younger market (ages 2-6) for fun, quality products based around imaginary and creative play.
I love to sew and my ‘teacher - mind’ likes toys that can be played with over and over again. So after some playing around and a business course later, I thought I’d bite the bullet and see where the wind could take me.


The Mini Made business name came from the idea of Mini being a small person, Made - being play ideas made by small people - whether that be the craft kits (in the making) or fun made by dressing up.

My favourite product is my Mini Me doll carriers. I’m proud of my design and I like the way they show off the gorgeous fabrics. I’m also stoked with our slingshots and think the whole package looks smart. I love that they are in some of my favourite stores dotted around the country.

Mini Me Carriers & Reversible Crowns

Each day is different depending on our schedule of preschool and work (teaching) but I try to take some time each day to do something based around Mini Made.

I love creating and seeing children having fun with my products is self satisfying. I am hoping to have the luxury of having more time for Mini Made as the year progresses so I can really get into it.

Mini Drawing Wallet

Gorgeous fabric, children playing, Pinterest, magazines - they all give me motivation and then it’s just slowing down and not trying to do too many things at once!

My advice for others thinking of starting a business is if you love it - do it. What do you have to lose in the grand scheme of things? Remember that it takes a good 2 years to get a business running so don’t be too hard on yourself if the first year doesn’t bring what you want.

Fly Away Wings

I am an active relaxer since having my children. I like to be doing something but I do try to have at least one total ‘veg out’ night a week. Getting away on the odd weekend with just the four of us is always a winner.

Dinosaur Tails

This year, I am concentrating on developing the play kits I originally wanted to start my business with. As time has passed I have modified my ideas and am now really excited for what is to come in order to create a cohesive look across the Mini Made range. I am also throwing myself into social media to see which is going to be the best fit - come join me!

Mini Hideout

Check out Sara's gorgeous website and follow her on her social media platforms to keep up with her new product designs!

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With a HUGE thank you to Sara, I have been given a code for my readers to have 10% off at the checkout on her website! Just enter ‘becky’ into the coupon code section.
This week only, so be in quick ~ www.minimade.co.nz x

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