Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Doidy Cup Review

With a huge thank you to Jackie, I have been given one of her fantastic Doidy Cups to review!

Range of Colours

From The Doidy Cup Website...
'A Doidy Cup is a slanted cup scientifically designed to encourage babies to drink from a rim rather than a spout. It has a unique slant which enables babies to drink easily from it as they can see the contents within the cup. It has 2 handles on the side for easy holding. Breast fed babies from 3 months or earlier and bottle fed babies of 6 months or earlier can be introduced to a Doidy Cup.'

My Thoughts...
This is what arrived in my mailbox in super quick time!


Doidy Cup available in a range of bright colours!

My first impression was great! Fun and informative packaging, neat colour (with sparkles!) and I was immediately intrigued on the slant of the cup.

My youngest wee man is just over 2 and he tried it out! The cup is fantastic and the single best feature has to be the slanted design meaning that he can see exactly what is in his cup which gives him better control of how much water he was getting into his mouth. And for those of you who have toddlers, you will know how important this is in preventing spills.

Levi drinking from his Doidy Cup

He very quickly got used to the cup. I love the two handles which make it even easier for him to hold and use. With other cups I often catch myself saying 'use two hands' but with the Doidy Cup there is no need for me to say anything about this as the handles do the talking! You can adjust the handles by placing your thumbs on top of the handle where it meets the cup rim and gently pull the handles out.

The Lowdown...
The Doidy Cup is made in the UK and is BPA free. It can be sterilised, is dishwasher proof (top shelf) and freezer proof.

It is a universal one size cup which contains approx 140ml.

Suitable for:
+ Babies
+ Toddlers
+ Special needs children & adults
+ Rehabilitation following injury or illness'

Ready to Purchase or Find Out More?
The Doidy Cup comes in a range of bright fun colours including a sparkle range and is $15.00

Website ~ www.doidycup.co.nz
Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/doidycupnewzealand
Email ~ jackie@doidycup.co.nz
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