Thursday, 8 June 2017

First Week Back & Loving It!

Thank you for such a warm reception this week! It is so great to be back into supporting NZ businesses and I have found some pretty good finds.

I have been working on my facebook business directory and also have started uploading my blog directory and will be working through this in the next week. It looks great and there are many businesses with fantastic products for you to browse.

Here are my favourite finds this week

Maya Floral Pants from 'Love Knot War' -

Personalised Diaries from 'Finndieloo' -

The Tribe Print from 'First Milestone' -

Ring Stackers, Mountains & Egg Shakers from 'Grove & Willow' -

Juicy Pegs from 'KP Designs' -

Blush & Gold Bibbles from 'Bibbles' -

Plaster Letters from 'Ayla & Arlo' -

Becky x
01 09 10