Thursday, 17 August 2017

Ecore - Munch Litterless Lunch Bag

'We only have one family, one chance at life, one earth' - Sarah, Ecore

I met Sarah on Instagram around a month ago and I love her business. Ecore is all about 'igniting a passion in others to create healthier homes for our families and in doing so creating a positive impact on our planet. Ecore's main focus is to bring a core range of eco 100% biodegradable and reusable products to the everyday household, making it an affordable and easy way to reduce waste on our planet, reduce chemical exposure to our families and increase a passion for living.'

With a huge thank you to Sarah, I have been given one of her fantastic Munch Litterless Lunch Bags to review!

With 4 children of my own, I am very conscious of the amount of gladwrap we could go through a week in packed lunches alone! We have been using plastic containers for their sandwiches, but the Munch bag is so much better as it is soft and makes packing their lunch boxes that much easier! And it feels good, doing our bit to reduce waste and teaching our children about how every decision counts in looking after our world.

My wee nearly 5 year old Levi was so excited to take his sandwiches to kindy in it!

Straight from the Ecore website about the Munch Bags:

REUSABLE sandwich bags. Saves you money as our bags last for at least 18months or more. Bags are great for a sandwich but also for biscuits, fruit, popcorn or any other lunchbox goodie you would wrap.

NO NASTIES our bags are Lead, Phthalates and BPA free. They are also all handmade so they are truly ethical and sustainable.

EASY CARE just wash or wipe clean. The internal layer is waterproof and food will not stick or stain.

ECO FRIENDLY makes a great eco friendly gift. Go green and say no to plastic!

Size - 13cm x 16cm. 

My Thoughts:

The Munch Bag fits a sandwich perfectly! It does up with a velcro square which makes it easy for little hands to undo. 
You can also use it for other foods as well like popcorn or crackers. 
Levi loved the bright design and there is a range of designs and colour choices to suit everyone. 
I tested a sandwich at home and after 8 hours of being in the Munch bag (no other wrapping used), the bread was still completely fresh!

It is easy to wash, is very well made and has stayed in fantastic condition a few weeks down the track.
The best part about using the Munch bag is knowing we are doing a little bit towards looking after our earth! Every bit counts.


+ Fits a sandwich perfectly
+ Does up and undoes easily for little hands
+ Sandwich stayed fresh after even 8 hours!
+ Easy to wash and is well made
+ Lots of bright colours & designs to choose from
+ Fantastic snack bag on it's own or use it in a lunchbox
+ We are looking after our earth

To Purchase & Find Out More:

The Munch Litterless Lunch Bag comes in a range of fun and bright designs and is $14.99.



I am very excited to be giving one away!! To enter, please head to my Instagram page to find out more, 

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