Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Oh Em Gee - Felt Florist + Decor

I have loved Oh Em Gee right from when Emily first started and if you know me and my love for flowers, you can imagine how excited I was when she started making felt flowers at the start of 2015! 
I have found it so hard to choose which ones to show you from the amount of beautiful photos and you must pop over and see all of her beautiful designs on her website.

Becky x

Vines & Backdrops

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live in Tauranga, in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. I'm part Filipino, part Spanish, and part English, but born and raised here in NZ. I haven't quite hit my 30's yet! I'm engaged to my wonderful fiance Conrad. We have 2 gorgeous sons Cortez (5), Lorenzo (3), and our niece Ataahua (5). Life is sometimes cruisy, sometimes chaotic, but I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Metallic Foliage

When did you start Oh Em Gee?

Well there's two parts to this. I actually started in around late 2012 early 2013. But I wasn't creating felt flowers back then. I was however working with felt! I started off creating custom and personalised felt garlands, as well as personalised Christmas decorations. But it was until around the start of 2015 that I starting toying with the idea of Felt Flowers. A friend suggested I give it a go, and it was all go from there really. I phased out all my old products, and begun to change my business name to the extended version ' Oh Em Gee - Felt Florist + Decor'. I couldn't be happier really. I found something I truly enjoy, I hardly call it work!

Stemless Flowers & Succulants

How did you name your business?

Well although I kind of hate the phrase 'OMG', I use it a lot surprisingly. An old friend of mine suggested 'Oh Em Gee' not only because of that phrase, but because my name is Emily Gee. I didn't have to contemplate for long, to know it was the perfect choice. To this day, I get so many compliments of how cool the name is, but then I tell them, my name, and they think it's even cooler! 

Floral Vine

What is your favourite product within your range?

Hmmm...I have just released my brand new Metallic Luxe Foliage range, which is a product range that is very special to me. I couldn't find the metallic look that I wanted, (and didn't want to order from overseas), so I created my very own, right here in NZ! Having that unique, original aspect to that particular product range, means a lot to me. But I also absolutely love and adore, my luxe floral vines (which just so happen to contain my exclusive metallic felt too!), and my best sellers this year, would have to be my floral chandeliers.

Floral Chandelier

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work?

Be polite. Manners don't cost a thing, and regardless of being a (predominantly) online business, I can still be polite from behind my screen. I do my best to reply to all social media comments my on my pages, and with every enquiry that comes in. I put myself in my customers shoes (I am human after all, and I do shop online and in other physical stores), so I just know how I would like to be treated/spoken to. I would be nothing without my customers and my business wouldn't exist or be excelling the way it is, if it weren't for them!

Protea Single Stems

Where to from here with Oh Em Gee?

There's actually a lot on the horizon! But I can't tell you all my business plans. You'll have to stay tuned on my social media pages for any insight into that! However, I would love to work towards bringing someone else on board, maybe by the end of the year, as the work load is just a wee bit much for just me!

Floral Vine

How can we purchase your felt flowers?

Snapchat: ohemgeenz (For daily behind the scenes stuff!)


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