Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cute Cuddles

Beautiful handmade fabric children's toys, I would love you to meet Tracy from Cute Cuddles x

Hi, Tracy from Cute Cuddles here. I am a work from home mum with a love of sewing. I love that I get to share my passion for bright colours and fabrics with others and see the smiles our soft toys bring others. 

Giraffe Soft Toy

When did you start Cute Cuddles?

I started Cute Cuddles nearly 4 years ago now. My daughter has some health anomalies that made day care a non-option for her. Between the sickness and hospital visits, tests and stress I would do what I love best – relax with some fabric and my sewing machine. I then offered my soft toys to friends and family to take as baby shower gift and Cute Cuddles grew from there.

 Elephant Soft Toy
Elephant Soft Toy

How did you name your business?

I get told all the time how cute our cuddly toys are… so Cute Cuddles named itself really. 

Dinosaur Soft Toy

What is your favourite product within your range?

My favourite product is a hard one. I love the dinosaurs because my son asked me to make that for him and I love the pony for the same reason from my daughter. One of my favourites to play with as I am making them though is the bunny rattles – those floppy ears! I just can’t resist them!
The biggest, and I think coolest, thing about a Cute Cuddles soft toy is that no two soft toys are the same! Each one is completely unique and hand sewn too. Making them perfect from birth as there are no small plastic parts. Also, you never have to worry about toys getting swapped or mixed up as each Cute Cuddles is completely unique. 

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work?

I work from the heart. When I love what I am doing, people love what I am making. It sounds corny, but it’s true. When I get a piece of fabric that is popular but I’m not loving, it doesn’t sell as well.

Bunny Toy Rattle

Where to from here with Cute Cuddles?

As long as people continue to smile and love what I am making, I will continue to make them. I often design new products within our range so there is always a new Cute Cuddles to add to your collection.

Pony Soft Toy

How can we purchase from Cute Cuddles?

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