Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Follow Your Passions written by Abi Copley from 'Scribed by Abi'

I am very excited to introduce you to my very first guest blogger, Abi from Scribed by Abi.

I know you will all love what you read!
Becky x

What did you want to be 
when you 
were growing up? 

Was it fame and fortune you dreamt of? Maybe you were going to be a hero; fight fires or stop the bad guys? Perhaps you spent hours staring out into space, hoping to get there one day? My younger sister wanted to be a frog. Clearly, the girl had ambition! I remember wanting to be a doctor at one point, but then I realised I just wanted to be in Holby City. Next, it was a lawyer, but (and I sense a pattern here) I was obsessed with Robert Downey Jr. on Ally McBeal! 

As we grow up, we realise that somethings just aren’t going to happen for us. To huge disappointment, you find out that you can’t become a frog. You don’t have the eyesight to fly for the RNZAF; or you have a fear of buttons (it’s called koumpounophobia, honestly), so you can’t be a costume designer for Lord of the Ring and stalk Orlando Bloom! 

So you’ve found out that being grown-up sucks and you start thinking about what you can be. By now though you are older and other people could be starting to influence you. Talk of University, getting a ‘sensible job’ or having to start earning quickly, all determine which side of the river-fork you paddle down. On the other hand, you could be one of those lucky people who stick to their guns, know their mind and follow their dreams. 

Following your dreams… 

Does anyone actually get to follow their dreams? Maybe not their ‘dreams’ (I remind you...wanted to be a frog), but their passions? ​Yes! 

It’s a brave new world out there; being a ‘Youtuber’ is a legitimate job now! Social media has made it easier and easier to start a business or create a brand. Free website design and idiot proof apps allow us to tell the world what we are about.
Take the very site that you are reading this blog on. 
Created all because of a passion. 

Carpe diem….seize the day! Look around, and you will see more and more people taking the plunge. Deciding life is too short and sticking it to the man. Okay, enough clich├ęs but it’s true. Maybe you are reading this and realising that actually, you’ve already found what you love. You are living the proverbial dream. Go you! But maybe you’re at the other end and can’t really see what your ​ ‘thing’​ is yet.

I’m talking to ​you... 

It isn’t about having a grand plan. It’s not even about something that will make you money or forge a new career. It could be a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up, maybe a ambitious physical challenge or a desire to explore the world. Nevertheless, you owe it to yourself to do something that makes you happy. You owe it to the people in your life. Show your children how to value a passion so, when it’s their turn, they are confident enough to value theirs. 

Yes, it’s scary. Putting yourself out there and baring your heart for all to see. You will probably have to make sacrifices along the way. Talk to anyone about this and two things always come up; time and money. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the riches of Bruce Wayne, and I certainly don’t have endless days to please myself! Not everyone can up and quit their job one day to start a business selling sand to the Aussies! Weigh up your options, see what you can achieve with where you are now and start small if you have to. ​But start! 

Start something that makes you feel those excited butterflies. 

Something that fills you with purpose and drive. 

Something that reminds you of when you were small and 
dreamt of being a frog. 

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