Thursday, 8 February 2018

It Takes a Village to Raise a Business by Jen Jones - Founder/CEO @ The Secret Coffee Group


By Jen Jones - Founder/CEO @ The Secret Coffee Group

It’s just another normal night. In the fringe suburbs of Auckland there is a mother tapping at her laptop, seamlessly avoiding the crumbs scattered amongst the letters from her toddler’s Peppa Pig YouTube binge earlier that afternoon. To the naked eye, she is a stay at home mum (#SAHM) but to the trained eye, she is a committed, passionate Entrepreneur.

Approximately 6 months ago, I asked the question ‘Why aren’t more mums in business?’ Mothers are natural problem solvers. Motherhood seems to enhance and release the potential of women, to the point where there is an unlocked sense of drive, brought forward with the responsibility of parenthood. So… why weren’t more women doing it? After lots of questions, interviews, debates and research, I came to the conclusion that it came down to 3 things:

FINANCES. Most of the mums I spoke to were worried about the financial risk and potential irregularity in income after having a child. This is relatable considering the cost of pull up nappies - the ultimate incentive for potty training.

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Many of them felt that they needed to already possess a certain amount of skill to produce their start up. They felt they didn’t have the time to spare between the morning fashion disasters and the bedtime negotiations to give it a go. Totally get it.

FEAR. Many of the mothers were worried that their idea would fail. The lack of confidence among mothers has potentially left us without some genius service or product someone’s thought of during the breast feeding night shift. Sad.

The purpose of this article is to let you know that running your own business is more than achievable. Similar to having children, support is necessary to get through those aches and pains (I know, I couldn’t have been more literal if I tried) and surrounding yourself with supportive and inspiring people is the key to succeeding as a business owner.

So here’s my support to you, in 5 easy to read steps:

1. Listen to audiobooks.

I don’t know about you, but I do not have time to read, and tend to skim articles. I also have a short attention span, so love that during an audiobook I can speed up the person’s voice. FYI, you can also slow it down, if it’s one of those days. To get some Inspo CLICK HERE

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We want to do things ourselves and ponder every night over how much easier life would be with 6 more arms. Sometimes you just need a few hours to yourself to get an idea off the ground. Parents, grandparents, partners, siblings; as my mother always says, “don’t ask, don’t get.”

3. Connect with others.

I highly recommended meeting heaps of people. Surround yourself with others who understand, and ask questions in the moment, as well as listen to conversations and advice. Become a walking sponge.

4. Think carefully about your idea, then protect it.

Is your idea niche or a better option? Does it align with your values? Have you interviewed your target audience? Have you carried out your competitor research? Is it financially viable? Be asking yourself these questions, each time there is a light bulb moment. When you think you’ve got something good, remember to protect it.

5. Believe in yourself.

No idea is truly unachievable, most just need tweaking. Whether it’s tweaking to your lifestyle or what you require from it financially, belief in yourself needs to be at the core of your entrepreneurial dream. 
After all, ‘can’t’ is the real C word.

Jen runs group business classes in Auckland for mums via her business The Secret Coffee Group. To find out more about the programme or to read more from Jen, visit

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