Thursday, 8 March 2018

How To Up Your Visual Content - By Nikki Astwood

The Importance of Good Product Photography and How to up Your Visual Content Game

- Nikki Astwood, Revised Edition

This is such a relevant subject for ALL small businesses especially those of us who own online stores. As we all know the first impression of our business lasts and the way we present our business online is our 'shop window'. 
Instagram in particular has such a high standard of posts and the importance of making your photos and products look amazing is very real for us all!
A couple of months ago, I came across a very talented person, Nikki Astwood from Revised Edition.
Read on for some tips, ideas and guidance, not to mention some beautiful images of Nikki's work.
Thank you so much for this Nikki!
Becky x

The struggle is real… how do you keep on top of everyday business and life yet still find time to produce relevant, eye-catching images for your online store and social media?  

Here are a few things to consider when creating your product photography because you want to stand out, right?!


You can have the most well styled image in the world but if your lighting is bad your product will fade into the background.  I shoot with only natural light which looks great, the downside is that when it’s a cloudy day the images become gloomy with a lovely blueish tint that should be avoided.

Things to consider:
Set yourself up in a well-lit area of your house, I have doors with windows that go right to the floor which minimises shadows. 

Get yourself some light reflector screens, these are cheap and amazing at balancing light and reducing shadows. 

Get to know how the light works in your house, when it is most sunny, what time the light fades etc so that you always shoot in optimum light. 

Get familiar with your camera settings instead of shooting on auto, learn how to adjust the camera settings to work in different conditions. 

Choose a background that will best work with your product and the light source.


A key part in any image.  When choosing a background consider how it works with your product and keep it consistent.  It’s best to avoid highly saturated colours as they don’t photograph well and no amount of editing can bring out the true colour.  Pastels are great and work for a wide variety of products. Natural textures are also another favourite, marble, wood, brick, concrete, they add more depth, interest and texture to an image.  
Backgrounds are everywhere around the home, the kitchen bench, dining table, wooden floor, woolen rugs and throws, concrete floors or pathways just to name a few.  
Make the most of what you have available, you can also paint your own.  Wrapping paper and wallpaper are also great options to have on hand.


This one is slightly trickier but the best advice I can give is choose items that relate to your product and help tell your brand’s story.  Try to avoid items that are too big or brightly coloured as they can overpower the hero of the image. Don’t overcrowd an image with lots of extra props, if in doubt flowers, foliage and plants work with almost anything!


You can introduce colour to your image in a number of forms, through the background, the props or the product itself.  I find that coloured backgrounds are a great way to keep a consistent look running through your imagery.  Perhaps paint some backgrounds in your brand colours and work with that.  Colourful props can be a subtle way of bringing a colourful edge to your images and food is a great colourful addition along with flowers, stationery and art supplies.  If colour is your brand’s middle name then of course a coloured background with suitable colourful props can also produce a stunning look.  If your product is already colourful then I suggest choosing complementary colours or neutrals for your background and props.

Finally, we all know what a flat lay is by now and with good reason, they are a great way to show your product in a real situation.  If this is not your strong suit experiment, watch tutorials and develop your own unique style, this is bound to get people’s attention!

If you would like to read more and find out about how Nikki can help you with your visual content, here are her details:


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