Thursday, 3 May 2018

Essential & Co. Handcrafted Diffuser Bracelets

How very lucky I am to receive an Essential & Co. Bracelet in the mail! 
I chose the Joy Bracelet and it is gorgeous. It is a perfect fit, so comfortable to wear and I loved reading the card that came with it with the information about the gemstones. 
The Essential & Co. Bracelets can be used as an essential oil diffuser by adding your favourite oil to the porous lava stones, meaning they not only look beautiful, but they have a lovely scent aswell! 
There are 10 different bracelets to choose from and each one is made of  gemstones with meanings related to it's name. 
You can choose from:


I had a fantastic time taking some photos of the Joy Bracelet and have used a Bracelet Cone from Pretty Little Company to style them. Photos and styling by me (unless stated otherwise)

Enjoy your read,
Becky x

Essential & Co. (from their website)

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

My name is Jördis and I am the creator and owner of Essential & Co. I always get asked where my name is from when I introduce myself to people. The name is Icelandic and I am from Germany. I first came to NZ in 96/97 as an exchange student but returned in 2001 to live and work here. I settled in Auckland where I met my husband and lived for the last 17 years. Late last year, my husband, soon to be 6-year old daughter and I, moved to Christchurch. The change has been tumultuous but we’ve fallen in love with the city as well as its surroundings. Currently my day time job is as a Production Manager operating in the world of corporate live events. I have been working in event management for a little over 10 years now and it is definitely a passion of mine. At the moment I freelance to a production management company in Auckland for whom I have been working coming up three years. 

This is how I received the bracelet beautifully packaged with the list of Gemstones

Tell us a little bit about your business

I first had the idea of starting the business just over a year ago. My love for essential oils has been the inspiration for it and I was looking for a creative outlet for that inspiration. I fell in love with the idea of researching, designing, making and selling gemstone/diffuser bracelets…that’s what I wanted to do. I felt that I could create something really stunning and unique. You’ve got to admit; it’s pretty cool to enjoy the benefits of wearing carefully selected gemstones on your wrist as well as enjoy aromatherapy on the go by applying essential oils to the lava beads. Crystals have fascinated me even as a child when I was ogling my granddad’s crystal collection which was kept in a cupboard behind glass. So that’s when hours of research, development of a brand, etc started and in November last year my website finally went live. 

My Joy Bracelet
(Styled on Bracelet Cone from Pretty Little Company)

How did you name your business? 

Essential & Co….this was also a fairly long process. Days spent online researching possibilities. At first I was set on incorporating my daughter’s into the company name but scrapped that idea quickly. I didn’t want her to be upset about it and not wanting it once she is in her teens. I wanted the name to be fairly generic but essential oil related to give me flexibility of where I could take the business in the long term. The list of potential names was very long but it was actually a friend of mine who suggested a variation of Essential & Co. as a potential name. 

What is your fav
ourite part of running your own business? 

Flexibility, yes definitely flexibility and still being able to be there for my daughter before and after school and when she needs me. I do love many other parts of the business also…mainly the creative parts like designing new bracelets, researching gemstones and all social media content creation. 

Love Bracelet (Photo from Essential & Co.)

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work? 

Social media is at the very top of my priority list every day which includes photography, copy writing, engaging with my followers. Driving traffic to the website is the aim. I am also currently doing a Mother’s Day collaboration with two other fabulous small NZ businesses run by mums. It’s fantastic and a lot of fun and us three ladies are working on it every day at the moment. So if your readers are still looking for something special for Mother’s Day, I can only recommend our PAMP-HER Pack for $50 including shipping which is for one of our Love Bracelets, a herbal tea called AWAKEN by Charlotte’s Apothecary and the divine Signature Butter by River Bush Block. 

Email for more information

Where to from here with your business? 

I’ve got so many ideas about what’s next and the products I want to add to my range. It can be hard sometimes to stay focused on the current with all these ideas and things I want to do. In the short term, I am working on a collaboration with another small business – Refined Handmade – which hopefully will launch at the end of the month if all goes well. In the long-ish term, I am looking to release a new bracelet range in the next three months – hopefully sooner – and a men’s bracelet range by the end of the year. Looking beyond that, well, that’s all about those ideas that I mentioned. I’d like to introduce more essential oil related products to the business and eventually make Essential & Co. my day time job and full income stream. 

Courage Bracelet (Photo from Essential & Co.)

How can we buy from Essential & Co.? 

You can buy Essential & Co. products through our website

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Information about the Gemstones which came with the bracelet

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