Thursday, 31 May 2018

Inside The Hive, written by Chops Vermeulen

I have been really enjoying talking to Chops in the last month. Her passion for small businesses is huge and so genuine and it is very exciting to have her here on my blog sharing more about herself!

Becky x

Rebecca asked me to write a blog post about The Hive and we discussed that the subject should be what I do - my personality - that makes it The Hive... and not like any another online marketplace.

I will have to start at the beginning as I started from a personal need; When I first started The Hive it was because I simply could not find a platform or should I say AFFORDABLE platform to sell my imported goods on... and I heard the same from lots of other sellers including those that handmake their products as well as services.

It was so frustrating to feel like there wasn't really any support for you when your business was tiny... not there yet to make enough so it could at least pay for its own costs...let alone making enough to pay for advertising.

And to be fair; it was actually relatively easy then compared to now; at that time reaching people on social media (the only FREE way to reach a crowd in one minute) was fairly easy compared to today!

I feel for the awesome people starting a business now - building from scratch... it is such a challenge.

I don't just have novice businesses joining my platform as what I do attracts a wide array of business owners, no matter what the size of their business is. But over the years I have kept the focus on those business owners who are in the early building stages. I've tried to do that by focusing on sharing information that helps others grow their business, by offering a positive and safe place to ask questions, by offering a platform for ANY type of small kiwi business (services are welcome too!!) by keeping the pricing affordable and by making sure the minimum results are worth the small fee paid.

To this day I feel there's plenty on offer in the big wide business world - in terms of advertising - for those already well established and that is awesome but I also want to make sure that those keen to 'get there', currently still in the 'infancy' of business get the support to become well established too!

The Hive itself - really - is also still in a growing phase. Obviously every business is always growing and trying to do better should always be on your agenda but when I say The Hive is in a growing phase, it's because it still very much depends on its community to help it grow and get more well known with the general public.

Without the help of the community around me I don't think it could ever work! and that's exactly what I love about it. It's exactly how I can keep it affordable; so the community thrives and as a result so does The Hive.

Helping businesses grow, helping business owners find their path of success just happens to help me grow my business too. I love it too though; see that suggestions work, that people feel happy and make great strides in their business because they connected to me and my business. My outset has always been - and probably always will be - to help businesses reach a biggger audience and when I achieve that then they help me spread the word. When you love what works, you spread the word, right? The more businesses join, the bigger The Hive and the further our reach for all the businesses we represent.

Obviously results also include sales through our website or their own sales channels - because the more people who SEE your business and products, the higher the chances of sales. It is a simple and awesome result of working together.

Hence the name; The Hive NZ

It is a collective of small business owners working together for the greater good of the community.

p.s. Our community group is open to all small kiwi business owners - it is a perfect way to see if joining The Hive should be your next move

Straight from The Hive website:

'The Hive NZ - shopping kiwi made easy! Our website features small kiwi businesses. You can shop with them through us. No messy multiple transactions though, no clicking back and forth through different websites - it's all super simple; ONE CART and ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE so within our website alone, you add what you want to order, ONE transaction and voila! Everything gets sent to you by the businesses you ordered from. It really is that simple, no hidden costs, no fuss.

With more than 1500 products and services from 200+ kiwi businesses we are sure you will find what you are looking for. We have Home Decor, Clothing, Toys, Gifts, Jewellery, Health & Beauty products, Accountants, Photographers and so so much more! And we're constantly growing too - new businesses and products get added daily.'
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