Thursday, 10 May 2018

Stunning Styled Images of YOUR Products - Sophie Louise Creative

When you have your own small business, you may find yourself doing EVERYTHING! 
From researching, to purchasing stock or supplies, to hand making, to writing a website, to accepting orders, to invoicing, to emailing, to packaging, to shipping, to updating social media platforms and the list of course goes on!!
Having beautiful images of your products is certainly another thing to add to your list and a VITAL part of having a online business that attracts customers.

So, what if you could have someone who could produce stunning styled images of your products for you? 
In comes Sophie from Sophie Louise Creative who may just be your answer!

With the pressure of making every photograph look amazing, it is wonderful to know that you can have help with that. Get your images looking stunning and eye catching. Enjoy your read and you will LOVE the images!

Becky x

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up on a farm in South Canterbury near Timaru. I've always been the creative type and as a kid I was often getting my hands dirty making something.

I love travelling and am always dreaming of my next trip, somewhere tropical and chilled out I'm thinking for the next one. I did the whole London thing living and working there for two years, travelling around Europe and growing my list of places to travel. I also did a stint at a summer camp in Texas and am busting to get back to the States to see more.

Coming home after my travels, I knew I wanted to start something of my own but wasn’t quite sure what. One day my friends asked me to style and shoot some handbags, that was it, I was hooked. I had such a blast and thought this is what I should be doing! Lightbulb moment!

I’m a visual person with creative intuition and I love making things look pretty, so naturally, starting this wee delight of a business was a dream fit.

Tell us about Sophie Louise Creative

I started this new product styling and photography venture at the end of 2017. I have completely re branded and built a new website which has just gone live on May 1st. Previously Sophie Louise Creative was a little business I had designing and screen printing products like mugs, tea towels, children's pillowcases etc. I still love doing this and plan to keep doing the odd local craft market where I sell these products and I plan to put a little shop on my website where I can sell these items too, but for now I am focusing on Product Styling and Photography as this is where my love lies and I'm excited to see where it leads me.

What services do you provide?

I provide a remote product styling and photography service for small businesses to represent their products the best way possible. I am based in Christchurch but products can be couriered to me here. I love creating eye catching images that draw people in and tell the story of a product. There is so much thought that goes behind each shot and I love the creativity, planning and shooting of each image to get something unique and cohesive with the clients brand. I'm all about a fun experience for the client too, this is an exciting thing for them, to see their products styled and photographed beautifully so they can show their products off to their customers and show them what they have to offer. A moment to be proud for sure! One way I do this is by collaborating on a private Pinterest board, this is so cool because it gets the creative juices flowing and the client gets their input and I get a feel for the look and style they are going for. See my packages here:

What is your favourite part of running your own business?

My business is still very much in the early stages and I am still working full time as a screen printer. But my favourite thing is the creativity I get to have with this business, the planning, the shooting and the editing. Also the clients reaction when they first see their shots, that's a pretty rad thing to hear how happy they are. I also love having something that is mine, something that is developing and growing and it's all my brand built from scratch.

What is one thing you do daily to make sure your business works?

Social media is something I do everyday in one way or another, whether it is posting content, engaging with followers, planning new content etc all with the goal of driving traffic to the website and creating brand awareness.

Where to from here with your business?

I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head of where to next. In the near future I would like to offer a range of stock photography available on my website. But right now it's all about creating brand awareness and building a solid client base.

How can we find out more?

You can check out my website and packages at

Get social with me on Insta:

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