Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Social Media, Find Your Voice - Julie, Enshantia Designs

Starting out on social media can be so overwhelming. When I first started using Facebook for Enshantia Designs I couldn’t think of any words to accompany the images of my artwork. My mind literally went blank and I felt lost and “digitally mute”. Is that even a thing? It is now ;) Ok my mind wasn’t completely blank, it was filled with self-doubt. Will anyone want to read this? Will this grab attention? What should I be saying? What shouldn’t I be saying?

When I finally did think of words, (usually after agonising and overthinking for hours), I would press enter then anxiously look at Facebook insights to see if my post got good engagement. If I was a finger nail chewer back then I would have had none left!

The constant overthinking then checking insights meant that I wasn’t enjoying sharing my art on social media at all! So after a very long time of doing this, (well over a year… crazy huh?), I took a complete break from Facebook.

Cue self-reflection time! After a lot of thinking… I realised fear was my issue, I was scared of not being good enough in the great big intimidating world that is social media. Because of this fear my posts were not a reflection of me as Julie the artist, the real me. I decided on the spot I would focus on being my authentic self. Images of my art, my joy and my passion in life deserved to be accompanied by words from the real artist behind Enshantia Designs, me! So I made the jump to be more authentic, (not literally, because exercise is not my jam :p ).

How did I do it?

1. I got rid of all expectations of myself by no longer comparing myself to bigger more successful social media accounts.

2. I relaxed and decided that if I really wanted to connect with my audience I needed to be myself. So I started to word my posts as if I was talking to a close friend. Although admittedly I talk a lot in real life, so I keep my posts short because let’s be honest here, waffle isn’t great when newsfeed space is so limited. Who really likes clicking “see more”?

3. I realised social media is “Social” and if I wanted to make real connections I needed to be me with my humour, my silliness and my blunt honesty. All the attributes my friends value in me. 

Guess what? It worked! I have so many people on my Facebook page that I have connected with on a real level. I hate using the word ‘fans’ for page likers because my audience are people just like me. I call my page likers “My Lovelies” because connecting with people through my artwork on social media truly is lovely for me as an artist! I have made real friends on Facebook and treasure the connections and engagement I have. I also applied this new way of thinking when I started my Instagram account and I’m happy to say I have made so many amazing connections with other IG accounts.

I hope the story of my social media journey and how I found my voice helps someone reading this. Take home message: be yourself, be authentic and people will respond. Emoji’s help especially on Instagram. Poke your tongue out if you need to and don’t be scared to wink. If you’re having a bad day, use a grumpy emoji, people will relate. There is room in social media for your voice, it is your asset and your point of difference. You too can find your voice!

*disclaimer, I am not a social media guru. I am an artist who found her online voice ;)

Julie x

Julie is such a talented NZ artist. 
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