Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Creation Station NZ - Custom Clothing & Gifts

How cool that a whole family run this business!

I have loved following Creation Station NZ over the last few years. Angela sent me one of their tops for my daughter when she turned 3 and it is her absolute favourite. She asks for it everyday and wears it unless it is in the wash! Angela is so lovely to order from and they are an amazing team at working to design exactly what you are wanting. 
With Father's Day coming up, this very well could be a fabulous business to shop from for a personalised t-shirt! (See at the bottom of my post).

Enjoy your read,

Becky x

My Daughters Top from Creation Station

*All photos below belong to and have been taken by Creation Station NZ

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I’m Angela. Do I sound old or young when I say I’m not quite 30?? My husband, Justin, and I have been married for 8.5 years. Its been quite the adventure as he’s American and we met in the Cook Islands. We’ve got three children now. Our oldest daughter is 4.5, our rainbow daughter is 2.5 and our son just turned one. 

Two years ago we decided to sell up and move to Kawerau to give it a go being in business full time. Its certainly been an adventure with lots of unexpected challenges and fun along the way! 

Christmas 2017

Tell us a little bit about Creation Station 

Before we had Lucy (our oldest daughter), I knew I wanted to be a work from home mum. We were given the opportunity to purchase a kids painting party business about 6 years ago. I jumped at the chance but soon realised it wasn’t going to work as I had extreme morning sickness so I started thinking about making it work from closer to home. I dabbled a bit in an after school programme but it still wasn’t quite right. My mother in law sent me a plotter/cutter from America, I made my first decal and I was HOOKED! While I was pregnant with my second daughter, I told my husband I’d have to close down when she was born as I wouldn’t keep up with demand. He simply said “I’ll help”. We’ve been working together ever since. Our range now includes custom printed clothing, sublimated (dishwasher safe) mugs and more! 

What is your favourite part of running your own business? 

I LOVE that I can work around my kids. We can go to playcentre together! I get to watch them play, learn their interests AND play with them (while also having some adult time). 

What is your favourite product that you design? 

My other favourite thing is coming up with new design ideas and making them reality! We’ve got a new product coming own and I think you’ll love it – it’s a My Mum, Your Mum tee with a mermaid design! 

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work? 

I always have a mug of hot chocolate in the morning. I can’t function without it! My planning is more weekly (as I fit my hours around daycare and other family needs) so theres always a weekly plan/checklist to follow. 

Where to from here for Creation Station NZ?

The dream, and why we moved on this crazy adventure, is to have our business support our family. We so appreciate all our customers support. All of your purchases literally keep the roof over our head and food on our table. 

How can we find out more? 

Email: accounts@creationstation.nz

01 09 10