Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Marlee + Jo - Monochrome Keepsake Books

How excited do you think I was when I found out the gorgeous ladies Lee & Lianne from Marlee + Jo have their children at the same school as mine!!

Lee takes my two oldest boys for their absolute favourite activity Chess, and as I put two and two together I introduced myself to her.

She has given me two of their beautiful monochrome keepsake books to show you all.
These books to me mean 'pen on paper' and the love that can show from that is so precious. Read on to find out more,

Becky x

* All images styled & photographed by FOCUS by Becky

My School Years

The My School Years journal is a beautiful way to record memories for your child all the way from Preschool up to Year 13. There is a page for each year of your child's schooling and also a pocket to keep photos and special documents, reports and where I will be keeping Levi's certificates.

I LOVE how in this one book we will be able to record everything and keep everything special about his time at school together!

This Journal is so well thought through and I love the progression you can see throughout their schooling through the clever sections. On the Preschool page it has 'This is how I draw' which is such a cute record to have. The Primary School years have a fabulous memory space for 'When I grow up I want to be' and through to High School years where you have space for things like 'Best friends', 'Favourite Subject' and 'Goals'.

I really wish I had one of these for my two older boys when they started school. I am so happy to have one for Levi who is in Year 1 at school and will definitely be purchasing one for my daughter when she starts!

My School Years is $59.90 and can be found here

Twenty-One Letters to You

There is something so special about reading the words on paper penned by someone who loves you. It maybe the permanence of the words, it may be their handwriting you see, it may well be the very rarity we now see of letters. They seem to hold far more love, time, thought than a quick message or email and so therefore hold so much more weight in love.

The Marlee + Jo keepsake book Twenty-One Letters To You is so special. It is a place where you can write your thoughts and love to your child over the years.

This 'paper time capsule' Twenty-One Letters to You is $39.90 and can be found here

To view more of the beautiful Marlee + Jo products, please visit:

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