Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Labels Direct - Every Kind of Label Imaginable

'Every kind of label imaginable'

I am pretty excited to have Sheryl on my blog tonight! With the huge number of small NZ businesses that design and hand make their products, I was really happy when she got in touch as I want to show you all what Labels Direct have to offer!

Becky x

* All images below belong to Labels Direct

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have always liked detailed craft style work including embroidery and mosaics in glass. I have previously owned an art gallery and framing business which also involved a great deal of perfection to detail work.

Otherwise I have mostly worked in office situations but have always been drawn to the finer detail of brochures, catalogues etc. Anything that required any design excited me.

Tell us a little bit about Labels Direct

We were planning our big move to Northland and decided that instead of looking for new jobs we would buy an existing business that appealed to us.

With my craft/fine detail experience when I heard about this business I jumped on it as it feels like I am working in my hobby all day and not so much “the go to work feel” it is bliss to be so happy in my work. We have owned the business for 1 year now – just celebrating. The business is now 11 yrs old. We have bought all new machinery since we took over.

The business is 2/3 bigger since we bought it. Previously it was running as a part time business, but now we are working 14 hr days nearly every day.

What can you offer small businesses?

We have every kind of label imaginable and always on the lookout for new stock to create our labels on. We have hundreds of fonts available and most of our work is done by sublimating the coloured dyes into the fabric by a heat press. It means that the colour will never fade or flake/wash off our sublimated labels. We love making coloured labels for our customers as they look so pretty and eye catching.

What is your favourite part of running your own business?

Being in control of what is going on. Not answering to a boss :)

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work?

Work hard to keep our customers happy and trying to get more regular with social media.

Where to from here with your business?

Growing and increasing our range of products and fabrics.

How can we find out more?

Website: www.labelsdirect.co.nz  (currently being rebuilt)
Email: labelsdirect@xtra.co.nz

01 09 10