Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The World of Artemis Jones - Beautifully Fragranced Cosmetics Handcrafted in NZ

Anne-Marie from The World of Artemis Jones sent me some of her beautiful products to try and I adore them! The first thing I noticed about each one, is that she has perfected the scents. They all smell devine. You can read more about my thoughts at the bottom of this feature.

Becky x

* all images below are taken by Focus by Becky

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

Hi! I'm Anne-Marie Jones, sometimes known as Artemis with my creative work. I dabble in plenty of fields including polymer clay, upcycling, and painting, but my “day job” (although I work most of the night too sometimes!) is creating cosmetics and fragrances. I am also the mother to three year old Chase who certainly keeps me busy, if I wasn't enough already! 

Tell us a little bit about Artemis Jones

Officially 'Artemis Jones' as a cosmetics business has been running for a year. I first started creating my own cosmetic products over a decade ago when I started developing skin sensitivities and migraines, I learnt about the ingredients and how they work, and spent a great deal of trial and error teaching myself the skills I use in my work now. 

Around Christmas 2016 I made a necklace as a gift and was told it was good enough to sell, so I created a FB page called The World of Artemis Jones, which was a showcase of all the various things I had been making. Around July 2017, I added fragrances and lipbalms, and from there it evolved to being entirely cosmetics/fragrances (though the odd jewellery item does pop up, I can't help myself!), and became a business without it really ever meaning to be. I never woke up one day saying “I'm going to start a business”, I just said “Lets put my crafts out there and see what happens”. But here I am! 

What is your favourite part of running your own business? 

Doing what I love! Earning money while using the skills I've been honing all these years is amazing. I tried having a part time job as a hobby while fitting things around my son, and it just didn't work for us, so this works so well for our family too. 

What is your favourite product that you make? 

Eyeshadow, though funnily enough I never really make it to sell?! I've been making eyeshadow far longer than I've been in business, and I love what I create. I just haven't had much chance to get them out there lately. I even (no bragging intended), wore my own eyeshadow in labour and it lasted 16 hours, no kidding. 

What is one thing you do daily to make your business work? 

Grind, grind, grind! I only have part-time child care, so I have to use my time really effectively. Every “down time” minute I get, I'm responding to messages, investigating new opportunities, researching products and packaging, just doing what I can to use my time effectively. 

Where to from here with your business? 

Keep on growing! Doors have started opening in Australia (and in fact I have a possible opening happening in the USA in future). Right now my business is about 80% custom work, and I'd like to focus more on my own brand eventually. 

Most importantly I want to keep loving what I do and never lose sight of how and why I started. 

How can we find out more? 

My Thoughts

Anne-Marie sent me some of her products to try and these are my thoughts:

Sweet Grape Cream Perfume - The scent of Grape always takes me back to being a child and going to the Ellesmere Show where I would every year choose to have a Grape Slushy and I am still not sure if it was the taste or the smell which I adored the most! So I immediately loved this product with the grape scent. It is so pretty and has such a beautiful shimmer to it. I love the way this is a cream perfume and that it comes in a tin. Such a nice and different touch. 
A tin of this is $10

Body Butter Fruit Salad - This body butter is gorgeous. It is thick and smooth and moisturises beautifully. Again, the scent is lovely! It is a rich body butter and leaves your skin feeling soft. 
This comes in a 120ml container and is on sale at the moment for $8

Dreamland Cake Shower Cream - The scent in this is AMAZING!! It is such a beautiful texture and lovely and thick so you only need a tiny bit. The 'cake' bottom layer is scented with buttercream vanilla and the top is strawberry frosting with sprinkles. It looks and smells devine and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. LOVE this! 
This comes in a 120ml container and is on sale at the moment for $8

Black Raspberry Vanilla Perfume Spray - Again, Anne-Marie has her scents perfectly balanced. This perfume is so beautiful. A small spray is all that is needed and the scent lasts beautifully. 
This comes in a 10ml glass spray bottle and is $10

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