Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Busy Bee Playdough - A Natural Alternative!

'A Natural Alternative'

I am always excited about supporting small businesses and Busy Bee Playdough is a brand NEW business! 
Sarah-Rose has obviously put so much time and effort into her business idea and I love all the little extras she has thought about.

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Green Apple & Coconut Splash Duo

Sarah-Rose is an Early Childhood Teacher and Mum based in Wellington, New Zealand. She is passionate about sensory play experiences for little ones (especially playdough!). 
Her little boy has sensitive skin and since becoming a Mum she noticed a gap in the market when it comes to finding a safer more natural version of playdough!

Busy Bee Playdough is made from all natural colours, scents and ingredients which means it is great for people with skin sensitivities or allergies. There are no harsh chemicals, colours or preservatives. This also means it’s no big deal if it gets eaten and it’s even compostable!
Sarah-Rose also makes a gluten free version for little ones with a wheat sensitivity which means everyone can enjoy Busy Bee Play dough. 

When your Nan's table and plate matches your playdough ;)

The playdough is scented with dried herbs and essential oils. The colours are derived from vegetables, fruits or spices.

Colour Options:

Yellow - You Are My Sunshine (Yellow lemon)
 Green - Flying Saucer (Green apple) 
Orange - Orange Fizz (Orange) 
Purple - Purple Pixie (Jasmine) 
Brown - Chocolate Pudding (Cocoa) 
Blue - Under The Sea (Coconut) 
Pink - Pink Panther (Strawberry)
Red - Fairy Toadstool Red (Vanilla)
Speckled - Little Speckled Frog (Speckled mint green)
Natural - Nudie Rudie (Unscented/natural)


Natural Playdough in your choice of colour (200g tin) $7
Natural Playdough Duo in your choice of two colours (200g tin) $8
Playdough Christmas Gift Set $25
Halloween Twin Pack $13

Gluten Free playdough is $1 extra
Add pixie dust (biodegradable glitter) for 50c extra

Our Thoughts:

The Busy Bee Playdough is beautifully soft and fresh as it is made to order. The vibrant colours are immediately attractive to kids. It is scented nicely and everything in this playdough is natural which is the best part!
I love that it is handmade and there are no harsh chemicals, colours or preservatives used, so it is great for our kids!

My daughter and I give this product a huge thumbs up x

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