Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Ruby and Bear Handcrafted Kid's Gear

'Through Ruby and Bear, I hope to encourage kids to have fun with fashion, to celebrate and develop their own unique sense of style. Each piece is made by hand with love'. - Fi

I met up with Fi a few months ago for coffee and she bought along some of her products. 
They were adorable and you could clearly see her love for what she does and her care and attention to detail!

Fi lives on the outskirts of Christchurch with her hubby and young daughter.

They have an ever growing number of animals including their dog Ruby, and a flock of sheep led by Bear. It's after these pets that Ruby and Bear // Handcrafted Kid's Gear was named.

Ruby and Bear launched in August 2017 and offers handcrafted hair accessories, jewelry and other accessories made especially with kids in mind.

New - Coming soon!

After seeing the joy her daughter and her cousin found in some jewellery they'd been given, Fi thought "I can do that". She started making jewellery and some clothing, then hair accessories for kids.

Fi is constantly inspired by the creativity and passion of the small business community. One of her favorite aspects of her job is discovering the wonderful things made by other small business owners and introducing them to others through her social media pages.

NEW - Coming soon!

While she doesn't have a favourite item to make, she does get very excited when fabric orders arrive and finds waiting to cut new bows hard! 
It is always an honour for Fi to make items for special occasions such as weddings and christenings and she loves receiving pics of her wee customers wearing their pretties.

A variety of fun and beautiful new products are coming soon, including Ruby and Bear // Fur Kid's Gear!

Hi Vis Neon Glitter Bows

Fi will be a lots of Markets in the next couple of months including the very popular Encraftment Market in Lincoln.
If you are in the area it is a lovely way to view (& buy!) her products!

You can find out more and follow Ruby and Bear here:

Website: www.rubyandbear.nz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rubyandbearnz
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rubyandbearnz
Email: hello@rubyandbear.nz

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