Tuesday, 2 July 2019

FACD & CO - Rollaway Rollers

I was super lucky to be recently sent three Rollaway Rollers from FACD & CO.

Natalia and Mel are the wonderful Mum's behind this business. Using only 100% natural & organic ingredients, they have come up with these beautiful pure essential oil blends for children.

I was sent 'rollaway growing pains', 'rollaway bad dreams' and 'rollaway sore tummy'. 
And also a gorgeous leather travel pack for them.

Each roller has been especially blended with only the highest grade essential oil blends and how amazing is their branding!! 

My kids have been loving using them and it is so reassuring to know they are 100% natural and good for them. Oh and did I say, they smell so GOOD!

It is fantastic having products at hand to use rather than reaching for the paracetamol. 

I also love how my kids can independently use the rollers and it increases their awareness of their body and health too.

Each 10ml roller is $18. They are suitable for 2 years and over.
There are clear directions written on the rollers along with a list of the oils used in the blend.

For all of my Christchurch readers, Natalia and Mel will be at the Winter Encraftment Market!

6 & 7 July ⠀⠀
Pioneer Stadium⠀
75 Lyttelton St, Somerfield, Christchurch 

Thank you so much Natalia and Mel for introducing me to your beautiful rollers!

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