Friday, 25 October 2019

All NEW The Hive NZ - 'Bee' Part of the Bigger Picture

What do we need as small business owners?

I can think of a number of things of course! However ALL of these 'things' will need to lead in their own way to SALES!

I have owned numerous businesses over the last 12 years. I think out of all the 'things' we may need, there are a couple that stand out hugely as 'must haves'.

1 Support
Who is your number one supporter in business? A friend, husband, family member, business coach?
We all need someone ESPECIALLY when we work on our own from home.

2 Help in getting your brand 'out there'
This one is HUGE as if no one knows about your brand, of course you will be getting no eyes on your products and therefore no sales.

3 A place to sell your products
I am sure we all use social media, maybe have a website. Do you all use SEO, are all your photos named, do you know all the in's and outs of the algorithms? 
Eek! I could go on and on here!! 
We all need a place online where we can show the world our products.

This is where Kolet (or Chops as most people know her) comes in! 

Chops is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to small businesses. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I have had quite a few phone calls with her now and I am absolutely blown away by the time and support she gives to small business owners around NZ

Chops is from The Hive NZ. The all NEW The Hive NZ!!

So what? You may ask. 

So THIS is what I want to tell you.

If you are looking for:

I recommend selling your products on The Hive NZ!

Chops has set up her online marketplace purely to FILL ALL of what I would list as 'must haves' for a small business owner.

1 Support
She is a HUGE support. She has set up very successful chatty and welcoming Facebook groups for people in business. Here you can ask questions, get support from others, bounce ideas around with others and genuinely not feel ALONE.

"Have fun shopping with us and feel secure in knowing that we are your 'middle man' - we're here to make your experience as positive and safe as possible. 
Here at The Hive NZ we have created a platform for you to shop 'til you drop! There's no limits... ANY type of business is welcome with us so if you are a kiwi business owner wanting to join us; we'd love to have you!
To small businesses we offer more than this platform to sell their product/services, we have an awesome and very active community behind the scenes and you don't even have to be a seller on The Hive to come and join us."

2 Help in getting your brand 'out there'
We all know the daily need to be promoting our brand, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. It is huge and can take up a lot of our time. 
Once you are set up on The Hive, lots of marketing happens for you! With a large Facebook following of over 9000 people and an Instagram page of over 1500 people, Chops is well set up to reach customers!

"Our main goal for the small businesses we work with is REACH - we do everything in our power to help you grow your business and get seen by as many potential customers as possible. Information is shared where we can, anything to help your business forward and ahead."

3 A place to sell your products
The Hive NZ is a fabulous place to list and sell your products. Chops works super hard to ensure all the technical work in the background is set up. Think SEO, safe browsing and secure shopping with SSL, responsive design so your content can be viewed on any device your customers are using. 
You can use many customisable features to give your store page a look that suits your brand, message customers directly using their internal messaging system, see your own stats in real time and lots more!

The Hive NZ is all ready set up and having your own store page on their platform means you automatically reach a bigger audience. All the hard work is done for you!

Ok sounds great Becky, but how much does this cost??

I love the simplicity of the plans. 
There are two, yes just two which instantly gets my thumbs up!

FREE contract! 
Just pay a small fee over sales. 
No other hidden costs. 
It's simple.

Chops has kindly gifted me this plan so I could try it and let all of you know my thoughts. 
So honestly, what do I think?
The Royal Bee plan gives you ALL of the Bumble Bee features, plus so much more! The biggest thing for me is the fact that you can become pre-approved. This means when you list your products, they go live instantly. 
From start to finish, uploading one of my products took 6 minutes and 29 seconds (yes I timed it!!).
I love the layout of my store and the simplicity of setting it up.

The Royal Bee plan has no success fee, just Stripes fee (payment system) over your sales. Here is what it will cost to have a Royal Bee plan:

1 month $25
3 months $62
6 months $109
1 year $203

So let's take a well known web hosting platform for an example (I won't mention the name). This platform charges $29 USD/month adding up to $348 USD for the year, which is roughly equivalent to $545 NZD!
So you set up your website, it looks great and then what?!
You are still left out in the world wide web on your OWN!
You still need to do alllll the technical work, SEO, your own marketing etc to make sure you are even seen.

With The Hive NZ, all this is done for you!

My store on The Hive NZ

The Hive NZ has more than 1500 products and services from 100+ NZ businesses. They are constantly growing and new products are being added daily. 

This is the BEST, as being part of something that is growing will always give you fresh eyes on your business!

"We stand for you, we support you and would love to hear about your business!"
- Chops

'Bee' part of the bigger picture!
- That one was from me ha x

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